Kigurumi Hits Up Anime North!

Anime North 2017 Outdoor Booth Panorama

A warm, overcast day greeted us as we pulled up to the Toronto Conference Centre, and people in cosplay neatly lined the terrain. Our Kigurumi team was delighted to find that not only had our enormous vendor’s tent shown up on time, but that the Anime Rave stage had a wonderful surprise lined up for us!

Kigurumi Sign at the Otakubaloo Stage - Anime North 2017

Each year, the stage is sponsored by Kigurumi, and because of this, we’re given a special allowance to take advantage of being outside for a change (in exchange for some killer hours)! We began our set up as the line grew around us, entertaining the attendees with some organized chaos, as well as showing off a new, in demand, soon to be featured Kigurumi: Toothless. The ruthless Night Fury spread his wings and waved at attendees in the crowd, enticing flames of excitement throughout the lot. He was so elusive, that even we were unable to snatch a picture of him. Have you seen him lately? (@hellokigurumi if you do!)

This year’s convention featured 47 guests, including both actors and voice actors, clothing designers (from Kimono to Lolita), theatrical groups such as Karasu (they combine dance, combat and action in the samurai tradition), artists, and both local and international music groups. The Otakubaloo stage this year, was LIT.

Lit-up Kigurumi sign at Otakubaloo Stage - Anime North 2017


With 30,000 attendees, and a maximum capacity within the fenced area, dance fever took over the line to get in, spreading the fun all the way to the front of the congress centre (which is where the line eventually ended).

Kigurumi fan with Pink Donut Pool Float by Stortz/Big Mouth Inc.

Sadly, the stage had a bed time of 1am, scattering energized attendees to the indoor party, as well as the other numerous activities still underway in the surrounding area. Sunday morning floated in, and one lucky dog managed to grab a great treat for surviving the weekend! BigMouth Inc. features some must-have pool floats for the summer. You can grab them with us next at Valhalla, or pop by our store locations in Montreal and Toronto! As usual, Anime North retains its top spot in our hearts for the best Anime Convention up in Canada! We’re already eagerly preparing for next years!

Two Otakubaloo attendees wearing Panda Kigurumi and Great Big Panda Head

See you pandaround!!

Photo credit goes to Airleth (Lick my Lens Cap)