Guest Spotlight: Goon the Kigurumi Daddy

The kigurumi fever never lets down!

As you have seen on this blog numerous times already, kigurumi is a very common staple in Japanese animation media. In fact, there are even a few anime studios that peculiarly feature kigurumi very often in the series that they are working on.

So it is never any surprise for us that Pokémon kigurumi became an instant hit, and that lovers of the franchise would instantly love them as well. Conversely however, the other way is also true; it is we who are always appreciative of someone that is able to throw around the fun and excitiment of being in a comfy kigurumi.

And so without further ado, we would like to present my dear friends, the wonder that is Goon Daddy's very own Slowpoke kigurumi getup!

Specimen 01: Asuna, just let the guy sleep under the tree and leave him alone.

goon_daddy with his full slowpoke kigurumi


Specimen 02: Alright, alright JFK, we know how much of stud you really are.

goon_daddy with his full snorlax kigurumi


Specimen 03: Creative things in creative places, just as she clearly said.

goon_daddy with his full snorlax kigurumi

Interested for more of his content? Check out his official TikTok page right here.