4 Places You Can Get Custom Kigurumi

Hanging out in a Kigurumi is the perfect way to spend a cold winter day, but some of us are overachievers. Why snuggle into a generic kitten onesie when you can go crazy and get a custom design from a fabulous kigurumi artist? These 4 shops have the coziest, custom kigurumis you’ve been dreaming of, you won’t help but squeal over all the cute onesies in their Etsy stores! Let's face it. It's winter. Chances are, you’re going to want them all!



With over 600 5-star reviews, there is no doubt you’re going to love every custom kigurumi from this artist! Yotsubanoclover specializes in custom handmade kigurumi, and has a large number of options readily available. You can choose any design from her page and have a kigurumi created with a custom fit based on your measurements.  So everyone, from small children to a full sized adult, can have any kigurumi of their choice made to fit perfectly!

If you order from them, expect somewhat of a wait. It is 6-8 weeks for creation since they are entirely custom made, with another 3-5 weeks of shipping time since they are from Russia.



KaerieART has a cute selection of custom made kigurumi, as well as an option to have any character you can imagine be made into one! How awesome is that? Though her options are a bit more limited than yotsubanoclover, her level of detail is the same incredible quality.

Some of her creative options include a lemur, two-toned bear, and and an adorable hamster. Her custom work takes 3-7 weeks to finish, and another 2-5 for shipping.



Another store that specializes in kigurumi, ApoxonIndustries, has very elaborate and beautiful hoodies to snuggle into. The style of these kigrumi are a lot different from the others as the feature more colorful patterns, as well as realistic fur prints and feline faces on the hoods.

The ears on these hoods actually stand up, and many customers have raved not only about the quality of the hoods, but also for the company's willingness to work with people on unique situations. All in all, this is one of our top picks for a custom kigurumi.



SamAshStudios is relatively new to Etsy, but they're also very good at what they do. They sell both kigurumi and a whole lot of other cute stuff like fursuit heads, dice bags, and gaming blankets. Their artistry is just as detailed in every one of their items, and those who have bought their kigurumi rave about how comfortable and well made they are.

If you are looking for custom kigurumi, look no further than these 4 shops run by these amazing artists! With all the awesome choices you have, you'll surely never run out of cute and cozy onesies to snuggle into during the coldest of winter nights!