animal kigurumi in the tall grass for pictorial

Earlier this fall, we released our models into the wilds of Montreal’s urban jungle to snap some looks for our Halloween collection. October is a busy month for us - kigurumis make the perfect costumes, because they’re one-piece, warm, and easy to move around in. The styles are endless, too, so it’s hard not to find something you’ll wanna show off come Halloween night! That means lots of orders to fill. Not that we’re complaining! After all, this only moves us closer to our goal of world domination, one onesie at a time.

We decided to focus on a few festive, spooky-cute kigus this time around. With his little red bowtie, fangs, and big black wings, the Bat onesie was made to haunt the streets in style. The Japanese Red Fox reminds us of the trickster fox, or Kitsune, in Japanese mythology, and everyone needs a trickster to go with their treats. Leopard and Midnight Cat are the purr-fect pair for party prowling, so they got thrown into the mix. Our bloody Black and Pink twin Gloomy Bears have never been more appropriate (seriously, look at those claws - so fierce! So cute!), every Little Red needs a big bad Wolf, and the Skeleton is an obvious Halloween favourite. Having assembled our ragtag band of mischief seekers, we set off into the night…

animals kigurumi back shot

And something special started happening - we think the magic of Halloween was in the air that evening. It was as though the kigurumis themselves were possessed by the spirits of their animal kin! Our models started acting strangely, lurking in the tall grass, growling, stalking their prey…

leopard kigurumi with fierce post picture

It was a little concerning when we noticed that their eyes had started changing, but hey, it made for some great photos. You can see the whole lookbook here. If you decide that you need to have one for yourself after browsing the album, we promise they won’t make you do anything weird, except maybe give you the urge to dance juuust a little harder than usual, like all kigus do! They do that year-round, though. It’s a special kind of magic.

No models were hurt in the making of this lookbook.


We also did something a little extra for all of our October Kigurumi Fan Photo of the Month contestants. The winning photo was submitted by Jackie Walsh and the Lawrence Park Animal Hospital, who performed an intense kigurumi operation!

animal kigurumi having a operation

But Halloween is treat season, so we opted to make everyone who entered this month’s contest feel special (especially since it was so hard to choose!), and sent out some sweet surprises to all of our participants. Yummy yummy Japanese candy! Our favourite, actually. You’re all winners in our eyes!

Stay cosy, sweethearts!