Happy Back to School with Kigurumi

The sun is setting sooner, temperatures are dropping and soon (hopefully not very soon!) we'll all be inside cuddling with one another. That's right - summer is almost over and it's finally back to school time!

Now I'm sure you're wondering - summer is over? What summer? 

True - this summer weather wasn't very kind to us, but that doesn't mean you can't go out and enjoy some last adventures! With our super cuddly Kigurumi recommended below, you'll be able to keep summer alive while not freezing your little butt off!

If you were busy in the water this summer and are missing it, make sure to check out our favorite water animal onesies like our Shark Kigurumi and our Octopus Kigurumi! Just because it might be a little nippy, doesn't mean you can't jump into water and then cozy on up in one of our marine Kigurumi. Make sure to also check out this incredible Pastel Dream Narwhal Kigurumi complete with star patterns and a killer tail!

For those that might miss furry creatures that come out to play during summer camping or hikes, check out our Skunk Kigurumi and our Chipmunk Kigurumi sure to make you unbelievably adorable during the colder winter months and fall! 

Did you happen to visit a zoo this summer? Our adorable animal kingdom onesies like our Lion Kigurumi and Giraffe Kigurumi will have you playing dress up as your favourite animals all year long. Added bonus? Their yellow/orange patterns will have you looking absolutely fierce!

Lastly, for the little ones, don't forget they can play dress up all year long (and not just for Halloween!) Our Kids Rabbit KigurumiKids Unicorn Kigurumi and Kids Red Panda Kigurumi are always guaranteed to place a smile on every face! Have your little one dress up for their first days of school and we promise they'll be the star of the grade!

With the cold weather starting, are you beginning to plan your Halloween costumes? Check out our adult and kid Kigurumi for the perfect, quick outfit!