Be an Original Like Alexander Hamilton in Our Flying Squirrel Kigurumi

What do flying squirrels have to do with American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton? A lot, it turns out. The different casts of the award-winning Broadway play “Hamilton” recently jammed out to Weird Al Yankovic’s remix of “The Hamilton Polka” (the first song in the theatrical production), and if watch the YouTube clip carefully enough, you’ll see one of the cast members dressed up in one of our flying squirrel kigurumi onesies

That two-minute YouTube clip has already picked up nearly 200,000 views, and the Instagram version of the same clip posted by “Hamilton” received another 150,000 views. And that’s not all – Weird Al Yankovic also gave a big shout-out to the casts of “Hamilton,” cross-posting the video on his own Instagram feed. 

And that got us thinking about flying squirrels and American Founding Fathers. No, really. One of the major themes of “The Hamilton Polka” is how Alexander Hamilton grew up in less than ideal circumstances – his father abandoned him when he was still a child, he was born out of wedlock in the West Indies, and his mother died when he was only 12. Yet, he grew up to become one of the most famous and important Americans ever – and his face is now ubiquitous, appearing on the U.S. $10 bill. He did it all through hard work, dedication, and just being original.

 That’s something that the opening lyrics of “The Hamilton Polka” make clear:

 “The 10-dollar Founding Father without a father

Got a lot farther by working a lot harder

By being a lot smarter. By being a self-starter.

By 14, they placed him in charge of a trading charter.” 

And we just love the inspirational messages included throughout the song – like this line: “In New York, you can be a new man.” Go ahead – re-watch that YouTube video clip featuring all five casts of the “Hamilton” show. There’s a lot of goodness hidden in there that you might have missed the first time around.

 Songs like this are one big reason why “Hamilton” took Broadway by storm when it first debuted in 2015 – the work by playwright, composer and lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It is, quite simply, 100 percent original. Here are Lin-Manuel Miranda and Weird Al talking about their creative collaboration together on the Hamilton polka song: 

We can’t guarantee that you’ll be as original as either Miranda or Yankovic, but we can guarantee that this kigurumi onesie will be the comfiest adventure you’ll ever have. Each kigurumi is an authentic Sazac original, made in Japan. They are made of 100 percent fleece, which makes them perfect for lounging around, hanging out with friends, and if you so choose, jamming out to “Hamilton.”

We really put a lot of time and attention into all the little details of our onesies. The flying squirrel is one of our favorites – it has a light brown and cream body, a nice tail in the back, and oh yes, glidin’ wings. It’s like wearing a giant stuffed toy. And that’s no coincidence – the very name “kigurumi” means “wearing stuffed toy” in Japanese, and they are a fun way to express your individuality and originality. 

“There’s a million things I haven’t done

But just you wait…” 

Those lines from “The Hamilton Polka” also fully describe just how versatile this flying squirrel kigurumi really is – if you check out our Instagram feed, you’ll be amazed by how many really original ways that people wear these onesies. The important point here is that they are really warm and plenty loose, so you can easily layer them over jackets and other clothes. This winter, plenty of people dressed up in our onesies and took them to the slopes. Yes, you can ski down a mountain in a kigurumi! 

But what if flying squirrels aren’t your thing? What if, for example, you’re more into pink unicorns? No problem, because we’ve also got plenty of those as well.  Our pink unicorn onesie is one of our perennial favorites – it comes with a powder pink body, fluffy pink mane and tail, and a simply adorable unicorn horn. (And it also comes in blue and purple.)

Our pink unicorns have gone everywhere. In fact, last April, a pink Easter unicorn woke up Weird Al Yankovic. “Got a visit from the Easter Unicorn this morning,” wrote Weird Al on his Instagram photo. You might not believe in the Easter Bunny any more, but it’s not too late to start believing in the Easter Unicorn! 

We love this post from Weird Al – and, in fact, everything Weird Al does – simply because he doesn’t take himself too seriously. And you won’t take yourself too seriously, either, when you wear one of our kigurumi onesies. They are designed to be memorable and unique, and really stand out in a crowd. 

Being original matters because it means that you’ve chosen your own path in life and aren’t afraid of what other people might think about your choices. As the lyrics of “The Hamilton Polka” remind us: 

“My name is Alexander Hamilton. My name is Alexander Hamilton…

I’m an original.” 

Of course, simply wearing a pink unicorn onesie or a flying squirrel onesie won’t make you an icon like Alexander Hamilton – but hanging around in your home, or dorm room or even office (!) will certainly mark you as an original. 

The best part about these kigurumi onesies is how they will inject a certain sense of joy and fun into your daily routine by challenging convention – just like “Hamilton” challenged convention by upturning everything we thought we knew about this Founding Father. And the way “Hamilton” does it is so much fun – there’s not just polka music in the production, but also hip-hop, R&B, pop and soul. 

So the next time you’re wondering how to inject a bit of fun and creativity into the daily doldrums – why not a kigurumi onesie? These come in both children and adult sizes, and are designed to be loose and comfortable enough to be worn with just about everything. We’ve noticed them popping up just about everywhere. So whatever your taste in animals, there’s sure to be an authentic, 100% Instagram-worthy kigurumi just waiting for you to unlock a new and creative adventure.