Best Oddball Kigurumi Onesies in Anime So Far

Okay, we get it. People love cats for kigurumi as much as they worship them on the internet. The same goes with bears, as well as rabbits... and probably sheep kigurumi as well.

On the flip side, though, it is also just as interesting to see unusual, or just outright wacky applications of kigurumi ideas that appeared only once or twice in anime. Maybe some of these can be found for real, or probably just a bits and pieces of their ideas. Regardless, we can still universally dream of the exact concept they represent, so that one day, they can be grasped and realized with our very own hands...

Nah, just kidding. The more new types we can discover, the more fun it gets. It's that simple.

1. Tyrantrum and Delibird Kigurumi

pokemon kigurumi brushing and cleaning her pokemon

For the first obligatory possible entries in the licensed kigurumi territory, we have none other than two of the best onesie concepts that young miss Bonnie had showcased: Tyrantrum and Delibird kigurumi. 

Bonnie's Tyrantrum kigurumi is, by technical definition, her signature kigurumi, with regards to the number of times it appeared on the series. The basic components of the kigurumi captures many of the instantly recognizable elements of Tyrunt's latter evolution (at least according to how it looks in the anime). The most obvious of which, is its unmistakable crimson color large white neck ruff, obviously the main part of Tyrantrum's overall feathered design inspired by the current modern/updated take on feathered dinosaurs.

pokemon kigurumi looking in the sky

To be fair, a Tyrantrum is a bipedal dinosaur Pokémon with two arms, so the proportions are a straightforward to follow as with any land animal kigurumi that ever existed (including external accessories like kigu shoes). Still, the exact choice of a Tyrantrum over all other possibly better potential candidates (you know, like that popular Water/Dark Pokémon variant we see in real life) is still quite a sight to behold, even when compared to all of the Pokémon that had been given official kigurumi product releases in real life so far.

As for Delibird, it was most likely chosen due to not having too many options for the required Ice/Flying type Pokémon in its episode. Remember, there are only two (yes, just two!) Ice/Flying Pokémon in the entire franchise even today: Articuno and Delibird. The ironic part? Both were introduced as far back as Gen I and Gen II respectively.

I mean, it also helps that Delibird is basically human-like in rough proportions, so designing a kigurumi for it is just a matter of well..."hollowing-out" its external features. Maybe you can even technically call Bonnie's version a cosplay?

Anyway, unlike the Tyrantrum kigurumi that occasionally appears throughout the series, Bonnie's Delibird kigurumi only ever appeared once. So you can often just directly associate it with the snow mountain episode.

Would a real-life official Tyrantrum and Delibird kigurumi still be possible at this point? Who knows. But it's nice to have witnessed seeing them with XY's resident kigurumi expert.

2. Golden Hamster Kigurumi

animal kigurumi talking with her friend

Kigurumi that feature smaller mammals is, well... not really special or unique. Indeed, the idea of the hamster kigurumi itself is already quite popular from both the signature brown-white body (as shown by the two manga clips below), and a very familiar animal hoodie that one lazy lil' sis character has been wearing outside her social peers.

animal kigurumi having a group conversation

Image credit by ひーりんぐさん via NicoNico Douga

But variety hasn't exactly sunk into its basic designs though as much as cats or dogs. This is what Mao's golden hamster kigurumi is set to change. Sure, other rodents might not have the privilege (except if they're uhh... licensed, for some reason). but for a similar species that are as colorfully diverse as other popular kigurumi, it is almost a sin not to play around with varieties  Hence the novel concept of this type of kigurumi.

animal kigurumi with her pets

And if we are to be honest, golden hamsters might be the best candidate for a hamster kigurumi that could effectively stand out, or might even have specific custom tweaks. You can change patterns like calico cats, adjust the brighter hues like tabby cats, or even just straight up pattern it almost exactly as Mao's (as a licensed kigurumi)..

3. (Mythical) White Snake Kigurumi

animal kigurumi

Snake kigurumi? Yup, we got 'em right here. Mean and green as you would ever want them to be. What's that? Green isn't the only color for snakes? But my dear child, green is the signature color of snakes! Haven't you learned from cats versus cucumber videos?

But yeah, in almost all situations, you never really see snake kigurumi featured in any other color than green. Even if there is a negligible possibility of witnessing a brown snake kigurumi in the wild, about 95% of the time, it's almost always going to be a shade of either Luigi green, or Yoshi green.

animal kigurumi shocked

Except... if you are Kuina.

We have already introduced her awhile back as the kigurumi onesie meister, one that would never pass up the opportunity to try out a few exotic versions for the sheer fun of it. In fact, one of the rarer kigurumi that she ever had for the entire series was a non-descript white snake kigurumi that she originally planned to use to cheer up the fever-stricken Hinako.

Not exactly a blink-and-miss-it scenario, but its appearance in the entire series was only a few seconds long. The two shots that you see here represents the entirety of it. Worse, depending on how you squint your eyes, you might mistake it as the original rabbit kigurumi that she wore the most.

dragon kigurumi getting upset

As for her supposedly special dragon kigurumi...

Heh. We got our version now.

4. Reversible (Bear) Kigurumi

bear kigurumi feeling amaze

If just a bear kigurumi, yes, we have plenty of those both in anime, and in real life. Brown bears, black bears, white (polar) bears, even black n' white bear kigurumi! But probably nothing is as unique (for now) as Yuna's reversible, inside out wearable bear kigurumi.

You heard that right. It's never really hinted in the images, as usually I never include a transitional image where she's switching between two sides (for "integrity" reasons). But yeah, her usually black bear kigurumi is actually white underneath. No, no, it's not just colored white inside. There is an entirely different set of components and decorative designs that make it a complete kigurumi when worn on that side.

bear kigurumi waking up her friend

Reversible kigurumi are generally (not totally) unheard of, even in real-life. But, because of the default wear configuration of such a piece of clothing, you'd usually only want to choose one side or the other as you take it out from the hanger or drawer to wear it, rather than switching sides midway. Besides, what's the fun of getting just one kigurumi with two flippable designs, if you can simply get two with completely different designs that won't have to fit with each other's proportions?

From Yuna's perspective, however, things are actually a tiny bit more practical. She is technically required to wear it at all times, and it has the significantly unfair advantage of having an auto impurity-erasing feature, allowing her to switch between white and black anytime she wishes.

bear kigurumi waking up in her bed

As for why she ever only uses the white side for sleeping... I guess she wanted to imprint the image on her brain? Like how it is usually recommended to only lie in bed if you are actually going to sleep, in order to associate the object better with the activity.

... Yeahhh, I don't really know why.

5. Frilled Lizard Kigurumi

animal kigurumi holding a stick

But if there is one kigurumi in anime that is worthy of the being called the wackiest kigurumi on-screen so far, it would undoubtedly be the crazy frilled-lizard kigurumi from Ixion Saga DT. The circumstances of that kigurumi's existence (and its owner) is... quite bizarre, to say the least. But long story short it was supposed to be part of Lord Nabokov's kigurumi collection. Ecarlate wore it at his suggestion on what was supposed to be their first night.

In case it's not yet glaringly obvious, the most prominent parts of the frilled kigurumi's overall design is its, well... frill. if Bonnie's Tyrantrum kigurumi manages to don such majestic white ruff on her neck, the frills on Ecarlate's borrowed kigurumi are able to flap open at will, thanks to a hidden pulling mechanism inside the kigurumi.

The color is also weirdly peculiar. Though, with such a mascot-ish design, trying to question its color scheme is usually a waste of time. In fact, it might even be an in-universe character of sorts for the series. You never know.

We definitely would have loved seeing a real version of one. But as many expect, you'd most likely be either stuck with a limp frill that's just part of the arm decoration, or a solid pre-widened/opened frill that would a bit trickier to wear than most kigurumi.

animal kigurumi riding a seesaw

Also, accurate real-world color choices might be a bit on the lesser side on this one. Which is not exactly the most vibrant combination for such a conceptually exciting piece of clothing.