Celebrate International Tiger Day!

Here at Kigurumi, it's no surprise that we're obsessed with animals. Mammals, reptiles, amphibians - we love them all. 

However, this weekend we're showing love to one of the largest, fiercest mammals out there - the tiger!

If you didn't already know, Saturday July 29th is International Tiger Day. This day was created to embrace these magnificent creatures and bring awareness to their possible extinction. In fact, approximately only 3,000 wild tigers exist in the world today.

Join us in celebrating their existence by checking out some cool tiger facts below, as well as a bunch of our awesome tiger Kigurumi and accessories.

Here are 10 not-so-known Tiger Facts:

  • A tiger’s night vision is up to six times better than ours.
  • They are the largest cat species in the world: An adult tiger can weigh up to 700 lbs.
  • A tiger's roar can be heard from 3 km away.
  • Tigers cannot purr.
  • Baby tigers are completely blind for the first week of their life.
  • Their saliva is antiseptic.
  • They have incredible short term memory that lasts 30 times longer than ours does.
  • They have been known to successfully imitate the call of other animals to lure prey.
  • Unlike most cats, they love water and are excellent swimmers!
  • Out of 9 known sub-species of tigers, only 6 remain today.

Want to show some tiger love? Our Tiger Kigurumi and White Tiger Kigurumi will have you feeling like the champion of the animal kingdom. These adorable onesies are 100% fierce and include adorable striped details and tails for all your tiger action. Make sure to also check out our Fierce Tiger Kigurumi Neckwarmer Hood, perfect for cold winter days.

Go get'em tiger!

To donate this International Tiger Day, make sure to check out WWF's tiger day page!

Image courtesy of @snicolepowell