There is a Kigurumi for Every Occasion, and Every Situation

Once upon a certain weird and wacky time, there was a girl...who absolutely loves kigurumi. It is her heart. It is her very soul. In fact, as she has proven time and again, there will always be a kigurumi for her to wear for every occasion. A perfect kigurumi for her to make do with, at every situation possible.

She, my dear friends, is none other than Hinako Hiiragi. No, she is not the friend of another certain kigurumi lover, even though her name is basically spliced between two characters of that series. But in many ways, they are actually quite the same. They function at the same wavelength when it comes to the sheer number of kigurumi they can pull off in almost any situation.

This is despite her refined ladylike appearance and public attitude by the way. Most of her classmates had the first impression that she was a social elite, or was at least very strictly raised by her parents. Although as we eventually found out, this is neither the case, as clearly evidenced by her almost carefree attitude and relative freedom as a kid. (yes, these are kids, in case you haven't noticed.)

And when it is finally time to wear a kigurumi, she can actually manage to let herself loose...

rabbit kigurumi with rabbit friends
rabbit kigurumi holding a carrot

"Sorry, the truth is I don't really like carrots."
"You don't?"

The first instance of her wearing a kigurumi was after Misaki's most regretful realization. She witnessed Hinako in her full rabbit kigurumi regalia, with the long-eared white figure inviting her to eat carrots with the rabbits. Because rabbits, as well as Hinako, don't really like carrots, this predictably didn't end well.

cheeta kigurumi holding a stick

"That cheetah(?) looks like she's running faster than usual."
"Hurry up, I want to impress my Dad already."

Next was during the school's sports festival. As part of the members participating in the relay race, Hinako thought it might be appropriate to wear a cheetah kigurumi for the occasion. So... does it give a speed stat bonus or something? She's somewhere in the middle of the relay though. It was Chitose herself that carried the entire team on the final leg of the race, straight to victory. 

bear kigurumi saying hello

"Oh, I have a bear too!"
"Heyyy, why are you testing my feminine reaction with that skirt lift?!"

Even in mundane, everyday classroom chat, Hinako manages to bring a new kigurumi to the conversation. In this instance, the Misaki and Chitose just mentioned how teddy bears can be considered as a "girly" object. This prompted Hinako to then "confess", and reveal that she too, likes bears. That is, she likes wearing bear kigurumi. Bet you didn't see that one coming, did you?

raindeer kigurumi interacting with classmates
raindeer kigurumi not amaze in friends present

"Have you decided on a present?" "Huh, just a ribbon?"
*silent judgmental stare*

How about... wearing it as normal everyday clothing? Well, not exactly on just any day. Hinako only wore her reindeer kigurumi when it was almost Christmas. Still, nonchalantly donning the kigurumi in the middle of homeroom class like it was nothing requires a bit of sass of her own. Though, probably also because her classmates no longer mind her fashion choices at this point.

racoon kigurumi saying hello

"Let's drop by Hinako's place first, before greeting the rest." "'Kay!"
"Good day everyone. I am a raccoon."

At the end of the year, as Chitose and Misaki were about to do their greeting rounds within the neighborhood, they dropped by Hinako's place first. She responded to the door chime normally at first. But when she came out, she was wearing a raccoon kigurumi. As to why exactly the raccoon-theme at the end of the year, we're not really sure. Maybe it is a cultural reference. Or maybe raccoons are just way more active at this time of the year.

dragon kigurumi saying hello
dragon kigurumi waiting for someone

"Wait, is that...cospl-" "No. This is my new year outfit."
"We'll be leaving with Hinako The New Year Dragon then!"

Lastly, when the new year finally came, everyone went to the shrines on a usual hatsumoude. This time around, Hinako came along wearing a dragon kigurumi, with a general design that is very reminiscent of what we already saw on a different story. As for how the day turned out wearing this kigurumi... let's just say that Mika was thoroughly puzzled at its sight.

Perhaps you may have already drawn this conclusion earlier, but Hinako's unhinged attitude is not just limited to her whenever-wherever-kigurumi attitude. Unfortunately, as that subject is outside the boundaries of our immediate discussion, that will be put aside for another parallel dimension.

Chitose Get You!! (ちとせげっちゅ!!), for its very mundane comedy setting, can be very bizarre compared to most other short five-minute format slice-of-life shows. For one thing, there are a few suggestive pieces of information about its characters that are... let's just say questionable at best (hint: related to motivation). When the most rational character out of the main cast is the wacky and thirsty single homeroom teacher, you just definitely know that it is going to be anything but normal.

To be fair, most of them are kids. But still....

Especially when you see a character, in this case a kigurumi lover, perfectly pulling off the eccentric card like it never was anything eyebrow-raising in the first place.