Kigurumi Onesies and Selfies: The Best Combination Ever?

Featured image credit by 池本ゆーこ (yuko666_666) via Twitter

The proliferation of social media today has given a brand new meaning to taking self-photos and portraits, culminating in the selfies that we are familiar with today. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, helped integrate the habit into our daily lives, and today, it is still an influential part of multimedia consumption.

Outside applications emphasizing comfort, the colorful themes associated kigurumi onesies always encourage showcasing them to people in the flashiest way possible. As such, selfies featuring kigurumi onesies are now just but one facet of this global culture.

If you ever have the urge to bring your phone to the mirror after checking out your newest onesie, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Accept it as the next natural thing for your kigurumi.

A Snap Every Now and Then

rilakkuma kigurumi onesie

Probably less of a selfie and more of a phone shot that features a kigurumi onesie. In casual settings, this is probably the most common thing we can experience. After all, the curiosity to do so does cross the mind every now and then. If you happen to be in your kigurumi onesie, then the next expected reaction is to try the closest reachable avenues to showcase it. (@asterixksttv)

Proverbial Calm Before the Storm

red dinosaur kigurumi onesie

Visiting someone else’s place? Say you are going in a more public location. Do you want to confirm if everything checks out first? The next best thing to do is to find a huge-ass mirror in some larger room, and take your kigurumi onesie selfies there. If the event you are trying to attend hasn’t started yet, you can even take the opportunity for a snapshot in your morning social media post. (@Valkyrae)

The Inside, Outside, and Backside

pink bear kigurumi

Selfies are also great if you want to showcase something else, like for example the background, or the place you are currently in. The more striking the combination of colors and elements are, the better. This includes kigurumi onesies, which will always be the default “striking” element on-screen. That being said, do be careful with the range of your background, as you might have to redo shots due to unintentional elements coming into view. (@kutiekittenxo)

One More Morning Routine Wouldn’t Hurt

tibbers kigurumi onesie

And lastly, the very thing we hinted at the intro: checking your kigurumi onesie out in a mirror, presumably in your own room. There is nothing too technical to discuss here, quite the universal thing, regardless of what fashion or style you choose to pick out of your wardrobe. Though, in reality, you might already have been rocking the suit in your sleep several hours earlier. (@LilyPichu)