Enjoying our Kigurumi Friends While They Were Here With Us

We don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but we are here again to announce that we're going to bid our farewell to some of Pastel Kigurumi together with some other friends!

This happens because we are always introducing new Kigurumi and we can't keep everything around. We hope that in general our selection kigurumi gets better every year!

If you find your favorites on this list, we want you to know that we also feel sad for you. We have enjoyed their time with us.

  • Pastel Dream Unicorn Kigurumi 
  • Pastel Dream Panda Kigurumi
  • Pastel Dream Rabbit Kigurumi
  • Pastel Dream Narwhal Kigurumi
  • Pastel Dream Cat Kigurumi
  • Pastel Hologram Panda Kigurmi
  • Unicorn Kigurumi
  • Neon Kitty Kigurumi
  • Narwhal Kigurumi
  • Tiger Kigurumi
  • Colorful Skull Kigurumi
  • Penguin Kigurumi
  • Dragon Kigurumi 
  • Japanese Dragon Kigurumi 
  • Snake Kigurumi
  • Pig Kigurumi
  • Elephant Kigurumi 
  • Kangaroo X-TALL Kigurumi
  • Pink Alpaca Kigurumi