When a Kigurumi Big Sis Could Kick Ass Harder than Deities

You're in a forest, and you have been tasked by the mighty Mesopotamian king to visit a remote, but fairly populated area, in an effort to save them from the impending forces that threaten humanity.

Then you encounter something like this.

animal kigurumi looking shocked

"Why does everyone mistake me for a hippo? I absolutely can't understand!"

As it turns out, Fujimaru Ritsuka's whole gang just encountered the self-proclaimed Jaguar Man. The first engagement was very brief, however, and nothing more than a greeting for a weird lady dressed in what looks like to be a tiger kigurumi.

"Oh by the way, I'm not a tiger. I'm a jaguar!"

Oh right, jaguar kigurumi.

In any case, all four of them finally reached Ur. They found it rather odd, however, as what was supposed to be a large city is seemed to have far fewer residents than expected. After attempting to get more information around the area, it was quickly deduced by Merlin that the townsfolk have been making regular human sacrifices to some deity for pacification.

The deity was addressed only as the "Forest Goddess". Apparently, at least according to the Jaguar Man, they were not actually killed, but were merely sent to do some sort of work. Nonetheless, before more information was divulged by her and the residents, she took on a combat stance to take on Ur's visitors.

animal kigurumi confident smiling

"Every one of them has been sent to the Eridu Temple to do labor."

This time, the Jaguar Man is rearing for a brawl.


Unfortunately, even with the best of their party's fighting abilities, the Jaguar Man was simply too quick and powerful. At the indirect suggestion of Merlin, Gudao Ritsuka was forced to abandon their attempt to convince the townsfolk to move to Uruk, and immediately ordered a retreat. At the very least, even if the people of Ur was not convinced to take refuge on Uruk, they were relieved to know that the disappeared people are still relatively safe.

animal kigurumi smiling

"Why hello, everyone!"

Several days of doing other missions later, the Jaguar Man appears once again, this time just plain picking up unconscious people for the "sacrifice" to the so-called "Forest Goddess". Which, was not actually referring to her, but to Quetzalcoatl, who managed to cause a ruckus to the city just a while earlier.

This time, there was no brawl, and she just leaves as soon as she was done picking up the knocked out men.

animal kigurumi in the jungle

"Now you look nothing more than a decorative tiger."

With Gilgamesh finally losing patience on the matter, he ordered Ritsuka and gang to head back to the Eridu temple to confront Quetzalcoatl once and for all. Sadly for our Jaguar Man, she no longer seemed that much of a threat with the Ishtar incarnate at Ritsuka's side.

As a matter of fact, she revealed that she was just another Rogue Servant, and that she's not exactly involved directly with Quetzalcoatl. Realizing her actual (lack of) allegiances, Merlin suggested Ritsuka to use one of his best specialties as mankind's last Master...

"With fur as lustrous as a Demon Boar, and eyes as round as a Gazer..."

animal kigurumi shocked after seeing someone

"...It is just but too beautiful."

... By swooning the Jaguar Man to become their ally.

Well, Quetzalcoatl still ended up being way too powerful regardless, with her Aztec calendar artifact still intact. Good try though Jaguar Man.

"I officially remove myself from the Triple Goddess Alliance."

In the end, Ritsuka did manage to convince Quetzalcoatl with his determination, all thanks to a tiny personality-based clue from our legendary Plumed Serpent's mythological lore.

"But I want to stay with Fujimaru and the others!"

So, did Taiga Sensei Jaguar Man die? Of course not! But she did end up following an order that she can't defy.

Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia (Fate/Grand Order - 絶対魔獣戦線バビロニア) really kicked off with a huge bang following a myriad of super high-quality Fate series works (both TV series and movies) from many different animation studios within the last few years. As this particular title is a TV series, the budget was of course quite limited. But each action moment was still breathtaking to watch nonetheless.

animal kigurumi attack pose

Of course, this includes all fighting prowess demonstrated by our legendary Jaguar Man, both when she overwhelmed Ritsuka and gang, and when she was just straight up beaten by Quetzalcoatl.

As the series had just temporarily ended on a single cour, it will still take some time before we see the continuation of the series from its middle climax.

animal kigurumi saluting to his comrades

So off you go for the next few months, Jaguar Man!