Gather Family Style This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and although it might be the time to shower mom with tons of gifts, it’s also the best opportunity to hang out all together as a family!  

Here at Kigurumi, we’re known for wearing onesies at tons of occasions and Mother’s Day is no exception. Whether you’re looking to dress up as a family or just on your own, these Kigurumis below will leave mom (and the rest of the family) looking downright adorable!

One Unicorn is downright magical, but 3 or 4 unicorns? Well, that’s just majestic. Our Unicorn Kigurumi Onesies come in varying sizes, as well as styles, so that your fam squad can either choose to match or add some kick to their step with different colors!

Our favorite trio?

One Pastel Dream Unicorn Kigurumi Onesie + One X-Tall Blue Unicorn Kigurumi Onesie + Kids Pink Unicorn Kigurumi Onesie = perfection.

Love just hanging around without all the magic and glitter? No problem! Our Cat Kigurumi Onesies are also perfect for family events! There’s so many great options, but we’ve nailed down a few we think would be puurfect for family gatherings.

How about our NEW Rainbow Kitty Kigurumi Onesie or our Pastel Dream Cat Kigurumi Onesie? For kids, check out our adorable Kids Tabby Cat Kigurumi Onesie. We bet your fam will be the toughest cat gang on the block!

And for the family who really wants to tear apart the town, check out our most popular Dinosaur Kigurumi Onesies. There’s a reason these onesies are SO popular! Not only are they fantastic (I mean look at those teeth and tail!), but we promise you’ll be known as the fiercest dinosaur family known to man!

Not sure which to choose? Our favorites have to be the Black Dinosaur Kigurumi Onesie, Pink Dinosaur Kigurumi Onesie and of course, the original Dinosaur Kigurumi Onesie. All sport an adorable toothed hood along with pockets!

Is your family getting their onesies on this Mother’s Day? Every month, we collect images for our Monthly Photo Contest, which means you can win a Kigurumi of your choice! Just make sure to tag us on Instagram at #hellokigurumi to share your adorable family and you’ll be entered to win!

For some inspiration, check out how other families rock their Kigurumis below!