The Heroic Kigurumi Chapter 03: Common Occurrence, Uncommon Emergence

Strange appearances is naturally surprising. But as we all know, if you encounter it enough times, the unusual eventually becomes the usual. People will no longer be puzzled, or afraid, and will be accustomed to the notable presence that you bring.

For Yuna, such situation is supposed to be the right direction. But as it turns out, wearing a kigurumi still builds up a weird reputation after all.

bear kigurumi in front of the window

"A new day, a new opportunity to mass exterminate low-level mobs again."

It's the crack of dawn. Yuna wakes up, and starts her daily routine. From the looks of it, it would seem that the Bear kigurumi set isn't just a single package, but is actually two different kigurumi that can be reversed inside and out. That... is actually quite neat as a real-world kigurumi theme. Though, one may wonder if that white version has some other abilities that her usual black bear kigurumi doesn't have.

bear kigurumi saying hello

"Fina, as my business partner you have the responsibility to keep your dismantling speed up to par with my OP killing skills... Fina?"

Back at adventurer guild HQ, Yuna started delivering mobs and materials for Fina to dismantle as usual. By the way, this has been three episodes in a row that we see a hunting montage showing all these poor slaughtered things. Granted, the first episode was chronologically apart. But still, one would think that there are external consequences to her hunting this much monsters in just a very short time.

bear kigurumi looking in the crowd

"Doesn't help that we take turns in dismantling these stuff here. There's just limited space to put all of those dead mobs, you see."

Aaaand we finally see it. First, Fina is unsurprisingly incapable of keeping up the dismantling pace to her monstrous farming speed. Gentz, then gives a short boring lecture about the system behind the dismantling area.

"Yuna, just what in the world are you still doing in beginner areas outside town?!"

Second, Helen, the quest counter NPC guild receptionist tells Yuna that other novice adventurers are beginning to run out of stuff to hunt, and finally requests her to refrain from hunting there.

bear kigurumi falling asleep

"You mean... these monsters don't just respawn instantly after I kill them?"

So yeah, what a surprise. Overhunting inevitably led her to suddenly having nothing to do. Does the episode suddenly turn into a town-centric slice-of-life episode? Nope. Does she try to extend her farming grounds beyond those starting forests? Uhh...somewhat? Come to think of it, why is she not interested in hunting stronger mobs with potentially better loot?

"Hey you, how dare you reduce our party size to three!"

The episode, of course... sends another character for her to deal with. Remember the smug blonde guy from episode one? Well, he's back, and he definitely feels like a different person here with his tantrum-like behavior. Apparently his name is Ranz, and he's upset with how Yuna treated his partymate Deborané earlier back.

bear kigurumi going to the crowd

Oh, who's this Deborané you ask? He's the rude challenger from the last episode, the one that was soundly smacked unconscious by Yuna after registering.

bear kigurumi having a cup of coffee

"Deborané certainly was the guy setting up connections for us, even though he looks so much more brutish than us."

It was explained that their party was supposed to be completing a quest. However, they were unable to complete the quest just yet as it nears its completion deadline, due to the impromptu absence of the person appointed to clear it. The deadline, by the way, was on that very day.

"Frankly speaking... we don't even know why we are in his party."

Oh and, while Ranz was pretty defiant about Yuna's involvement, Rurina and Gil just straight up apologized to her. Just want to be clear that Ranz is alone in this his fanaticism to Deborané.

"Yuna-san, I think you finally found the thing you are going to do for today."
"Oh crap."

Yuna, who understandably sensed impending trouble, tried to nonchalantly walk her way out. Well, Helen had other ideas. She immediately jumped on the suggestion to add Yuna as a temporary member of their party. Our bear kigurumi hero after all, was the one who indirectly caused this dilemma in the first place (even if Deborané's actions were wrong as well).

bear kigurumi looking in the ground

"She's really dedicated huh. Makes it even stranger for me as to why she's with that goblin guy and blonde hothead in the first place."

And so, she finally had something to do for the episode. Yuna originally intended for herself to represent the entire party and do the quest alone. However, one of the party members Rurina, opted to join anyway due to her sense of duty. We sure hope that she's not going to regret this decision.

bear kigurumi walking outside

"Getting hugged by your kigurumi was soft and nice, but that was way too rough!"

... aaaand she's already on the floor. That's not surprising though. We guess that just about anyone would be on the floor (and puking) after letting people ride Yuna's "supersonic princess carry express".

"Wait, are you going to force me to do 'service' or something?"
"Well, something like that actually."

So what's the quest they were trying to complete? It's a goblin subjugation quest, and Yuna just wouldn't shut up about Deborané goblin jokes. The objective is to beat around fifty goblins, so this never really was meant to be challenging for her in the first place. Oh, and you're right. Rurina will be doing absolutely nothing to contribute to this quest. Except extracting all the magic stones from the corpses.

bear kigurumi pointing out the enemy

"There, we'll just let them suffocate off-screen via oxygen deprivation."
"Suffocate? Oxygen deprivation? Off-screen?!"

Finally, upon reaching the goblin cave, Yuna scanned the interior and realized that there are at least double the number from what was originally reported. Still, this wasn't any trouble for her. She just straight up murdered the guards, threw some fireballs inside, sealed the entrance shut, and waited till oxygen levels inside dropped to nothing to suffocate the rest.

bear kigurumi found a monster

And yes, she also slayed the surviving Goblin King with relative ease.

bear kigurumi talking to her friend

"Thank you really... for saving our reputation this time."
"W-Wait, I wasn't expecting you to apologize so earnestly like that..."

After coming back to adventurer guild HQ, they had the magic stones appraised, confirm the completion of the quest, and had Yuna gain some reputation again after bringing the body of the Goblin King back. Ranz finally retracted his statements about her, and even thanked her for saving their quest reputation.

bear kigurumi

"Keep our businesses as lively as they are, and you can always count on us."

Before the episode day ended, she was introduced to the commerce guild, and its guildmaster Mylene. She is both a fan and a benefactor of Yuna's actions to invigorate the commerce guild, so she was willing to provide any service to her in aid of whatever it is she is trying to do.

bear kigurumi

Finally, the episode ends on Yuna properly choosing a plot of land to build her fancy(?) house... and, to build Fina's personal dismantling room. Just according to keikaku.

Will she ever get to try top-level, high-end quests next time in Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear?