The Heroic Kigurumi Chapter 06: Being the Side Character isn't too Bad

Building up your reputation, strengthening bonds with people, and overall just creating a good reputation can go a long way towards making you and your weird appearance be accepted by the local townsfolk.

But no matter now different we might be, we all understand at a fundamental level that the world doesn't revolve around us. People won't notice your kigurumi all the time, and many other things will simply happen on its own by nature of independent occurrence.

Thus, we are all side characters from other people's perspectives. Even, if the mother of your dear friend is about to remarry another good acquaintance of yours.

bear kigurumi looking beneath the door

"Oh, just don't mind us, even if the door is already a third its way open."

This is it, the moment Gentz is waiting for his whole life. With Yuna having seemingly taken Tilmina away from the brink of death-by-dramatic-disease, he can now work on seriously declaring his love for her. The dude had to wait for decades already, so we suppose it's just fair for us and Yuna to witness his big proposal.

"Now, now, kids, don't pose like it's the final frame of the episode just yet."

Luckily, Tilmina doesn't really have any technical reason to refuse. Gentz may not have been a romantic partner during their adventuring days, but both of them have been close friends. Even as they retired from adventuring, even as she and her husband Roy settled and had (two) kids, and even after Roy's untimely demise.

"At least we don't have to worry about day to day struggles anymore."
"Uhh, you're literally a business manager now. I'm just a guild staff member."

Also, in what seems to be a medieval fantasy world where we can assume that political and financial marriages are the norm, the sight of their union can simply be considered as one of those "independent occurrences". Besides, all other things considered, they really seem to genuinely care for each other in a more-than-just-long-time-buddies kind of way.

"Pretty much figured this already since you had the hots for her since episode 1."
"Huh? I just... introduced myself at that time didn't I?"

Our kigurumi-clad heroine, for her part, simply watches on the sidelines, perfectly happy and content with the developments unfolding. The kids, being as sweetly innocent as they are, cannot help but rejoice at the apparent (imminent?) union of their dear mother and long-time uncle-like figure...








The End!













bear kigurumi having a coffee

"And then, their ketchup and honey argument turned to a health bragging fight!"
"Eh, leave them be. They're just too conscious of each other at this point in time."

Well, not really. A few days after, Fina and Shuri hurriedly came to Yuna's place to report that Tilmina and Gentz were having an argument and seemingly at the brink of separating. Upon hearing the details, Yuna immediately knew that this was just a simple quarrel and there is most likely nothing to worry about.

"Hmm, wouldn't this 'snow crystal flower' potentially cause other problems?"
"It's okay. The achievement was technically between the three(?) of them!"

Still, the two kids were completely convinced that the situation was serious. They intended to solve the issue(?) with a gift, and their idea is to bring a snow crystal flower to Tilmina. According to their mother, this beautiful special item is the first treasure that they discovered when she, Roy and Gentz were still adventurers.

Now, the more obvious question to this predicament is... how exactly would Yuna and Shuri get this supposedly rare item? Yuna might have experience traveling at the outskirts of Crimonia, but she's definitely not an adventurer. Shuri is even worse, who is technically just a liability skill-wise.

bear kigurumi saying goodbye to her friends

 "And remember, no touching without checking, okay?" "Okie dokie!"

As such, they definitely had Yuna in mind when formulating this strategy. Yuna doesn't seem to mind being used this way though. Our kigurumi heroine looks like she just wants to at least respect the siblings' desire to do something. So, she agreed to accompany them in search for the elusive snow crystal flower.

"Hmph. I've met nobles and aristocrats that are far more treacherous than you!"

Without failing our expectations, Shuri turned out to be the least helpful and an absolute liability during their short travel (She's just a normal kid, after all). The episode only showed two instances. But we can only imagine off-screen how many wild animals Yuna's Kumayuru and Kumakyu had to fend off, and how many wild plants Fina had to warn her with.

"They... totally know that Kumakyu and Kumayuru can just jump all the way right?"
"... Guess even we don't."

There was one exception, though. This was when they crossed an old, rickety hanging bridge, which Shuri helped Fina calm down on the way. Though, we're pretty sure the two summoned bears could just leap all the way to the other side. It's the thought that counts we guess.

"Not even that expression can get us any closer to finding that snow crystal flower."

Upon finally reaching the presumed destination, one thing became immediately obvious: the snow crystal flower is nowhere to be seen. In fact, the entire field was as green as a grassy field could be during springtime. Yuna tried to reconfirm if is this was actually the location. Shuri pointed to the particular arched landmark, and so she was quite certain that this should be the place.

Wait a far exactly did those three got with their adventuring before?

bear kigurumi in the back with her friends

"What now? At this rate she continue to obsess with it until we found something."
"The problem solver ironically becomes the problem herself."

In any case, they still tried to look around for the elusive, shining white object. But even as the sun was going down, there was absolutely no sign of the snow crystal flower anymore.

bear kigurumi looking in her friends glowing stone

"Woah! I should have thought that there's a subquest here somewhere."

Yup, this is point of serendipity for the episode. In a totally-not-destined stroke of luck, a bird managed to be stuck nearby, and when released, it left a feather to our merry travelling troupe. An azure feather with unique properties that let's it shine and sparkle like no other. Should be obvious now right? Fina even reassures our dainty savior that their objective has been completed, albeit in an unexpected, inadvertent way.

"Thanks for taking Fina and Shuri out for a trip today Yuna."
"Uh, yeah. You two... sure are experts on this."

With that, they finally hit the road back home. To no one's surprise except the two siblings, they found Tilmina and Gentz at their home just chilling and doing their regular thing. Not a single sign that they were ever arguing about their preferences or their health.

"Did you get to play well outside?" "Well, we searched for a flower."

And yes, apparently there were no sign of that as well. They sure are pretty good at sensing when Fina and Shuri are about to go home.

"Maybe we should have told the sparkly feather story first, then maybe they could have found the snow crystal flower instead."

Oh yeah, about the feather. Apparently... dun dun dun... their father Roy was actually wearing the same feather they brought home! Talk about convenient weird coincidences. By the way Tilmina, where was the feather that Roy had?

The subplot ended with some sappy responsibility speech from Gentz, and Fina misunderstanding Yuna's blurt out earlier. Sooo... are we expecting four to become five very soon?

Additionally, there's also that very short subplot where Yuna introduces pudding to the realm of Crimonia. Just how integrated are eggs to the story of this series anyway?!

bear kigurumi whisking eggs


bear kigurumi holding a basket

Next time in Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear: to the kingdom's capital city with Yuna and Noire!