The Heroic Kigurumi Chapter 11: Beware of Bears Harboring Schemes, Part 02

Yeah well, do you really expect a couple of bandits(?) to do something against our almighty kigurumi hero?

We continue the fishy development of things around Millela with... Yuna completely missing her regular sleep schedule. Oh, and plus the entire gang of supposedly bandits being captured by her single-handedly. Yes Atla, prepare the guards for the next step in unraveling this short conspiracy please.

"Don't even trying doing anything funny. We have the proper documentation this time."
"... why can't I just go to sleep directly after handing over the bandits?"

At this point though, it didn't take much to get to root of the problem. In fact, the episode kind of forgot about that immediately as soon as Yuna started to take on the "next challenge".

"Correct. These mooks are adventurers registered on my guildhouse. Couldn't simply trust anyone for the investigation knowing how your modus runs deep." 

Gotta give due credit points for the plot advancement though, as the story at least knows that the audience isn't going to dilly-dally around an obvious plot point that had been blatantly shown by the previous episode the entire time. Remember our friend Zarrad, the mustached bald dude who is the representative of the commerce guild in Millela? Surprise, surprise, he's the culprit of it all.

"Now you have an official reason to arrest this trash."

Couldn't agree more oh wise(?) guildmaster. You don't even need a fourth dimensional observer to point it out. All you need is a tangible piece of irrefutable evidence, and off the screen he goes. As for the shiny assets in that specific room, well we can probably assume that uhh... they were appropriated back to the townspeople accordingly.

black cat kigurumi waiting in her meal

"Anzu, our nice customer here needs a top-class meal for her efforts yesterday."

Now that it was revealed that the bandits were hired adventurers all along, Millela finally solves the food shortage issue. Once again, we find Yuna chilling at the mess hall of the inn where she stays, and this time, she finally gets what she is looking for:

Grilled fish, rice, miso soup, soy sauce, and even chopsticks?!

Boy, you really have to wonder whether convergent evolution is also a thing in isekai, with everything mirroring our culture back on Earth exactly as we envisioned it. Ah yeah, for those wondering, the meal and chopsticks wasn't native to Millela. Anzu says it came from the Eastern land (country of "Wa").

black cat kigurumi eating a rice bowl while crying

"I've been longing to eat native Japanese food since starting this series. It's at the tail end of season one, but I guess better late than never. All worth the trouble of going here."

Problem solved right? That's exactly the thing that she wanted to eat way back at the beginning of the last episode. But you know Yuna. She'll never stop at a food concept unless she finds a way to locally produce it regularly on-demand.


"Need to get the monthly trade ships from the Eastern land to go back here in order to secure my Japanese food supply huh... time to get to work."

And so, back to the issue of the kraken we go. Instead of describing Yuna's train of thought in this issue, it'd probably better to show these instead:

Idea 01: Jump straight off the cliff with the full sprint of Kumakyuu. Doesn't work because it's over once you lose all momentum. 

Idea 02: Create a pressurized magic air bubble to fight the kraken underwater. Doesn't work because it's over once you apply any kind of force within the sphere.

black cat kigurumi jumping in the water

Idea 03: Use water skidding shoes to walk on water. Doesn't work, period.

black cat kigurumi splitting the sea in half

Idea 04: Go full Moses mode. Doesn't work because there's no water manipulation magic of such specific type in this world.

black cat kigurumi giving a runway signal

Idea 05: Hold the kraken's aggro until you reach dry land. Doesn't work since it will just slide back into the water once the battle starts or if it starts feeling threatened.

black cat kigurumi having lunch with the family

"Wait a minute... if the kraken locks the ships from getting out of Millela, why didn't I think of doing the same thing to defeat it sooner?"

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), it was not until she visited the NPC family Damon and Yuura once again that she finally got the solution she was looking for. We'll spare her brainstorming session this time, though. Just remember that if the monster lurks the open sea nearby, she can then lure it into an enclosed area where escape or full use of its abilities won't be an issue.

"I... should really have invested some SP into magic regeneration skills."

In other words, use its own strategy against it to make a colossal squid hotpot!

For quite the longest time, this will be the first occasion where her full ability set are put to the test, and this wasn't going to be as easy as just getting inside the creature to shoot magic like crazy. She still can't engage the kraken directly on water you know, so raining magical bombardment from the higher cliffs provided by the enclosure trap was the only tactical choice.

"Pretty sure that it should be lightning weakness based on other RPGs but, oh well."

Mainly using the recommended(?) fire element, of course.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I probably saw the exact same strategy in one of the bosses of a Metal Slug game. But yeah. in both cases it did work... eventually. Unlike her previous easy victories though, her mana seems to have been totally spent beating the kraken all day long. If there wasn't a previous brainstorming session showing the passage of a day or two, who knows how much worse it could have gotten for her sleep.

"Sooo... is she taking all roles for this raid?"

As for our supposedly daring guildmaster Atla... she probably should have at least showcased her skills by intercepting incoming tentacles to help conserve Yuna's MP. At least that's what I think. Oh well, sh spectacle to even react.e's probably too dazzled at the

Oh, and I forgot to mention. Yuna's hotpot boss raid on the kraken was actually spectated by the entire town. Needless to say, there was a huge cheer of applause when the kraken was finally defeated. Innkeeper Deega commented about making another scrumptious delicacy for the kigurumi hero, while curiously looking towards the kraken.

"Dad, you don't intend to make the colossal squid hotpot a literal thing, are you?"

Aaaaaand there was no post-credit resolution. All we ever saw of the aftermath was Atla carrying the completely exhausted Yuna. Sweet dreams, our kigurumi hero.

black cat kigurumi getting carried by her friend

Up next, the last episode for Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear season one!