The Wacky Kigurumi That is Literally Out of this World

Kigurumi themes always center around living creatures. That is, almost all kigurumi are designed after plants and animals. Even if the kigurumi is based on a licensed character, that character is still more or less related to being alive... unless they're actual zombies or something.

Which is why the kigurumi that we are about to reveal may perhaps be the wackiest we have found just yet, due to the mere fact that it is, quite literally, completely out of this world.

Kanya (not 'e') Festival is just right around the corner! Well, to the world of Hyouka that is. The context of the setting and characters is that of a school festival that just begun its first day. This means lots of unusual sights to see within the campus, and crazier stuff to be done by the students. All within technically legal limits of course.

"I suppose this mistake would never have happened if we paid in advance."
"... because they'd know we can't pay to request six times more than what we said."

For the Classic Literature Club, this means selling their 46th Hyouka anthology, which was inadvertently increased from 30 copies to 200. Mayaka, being the one who requested the prints at the local publishing press, was clearly very upset and distressed. But, it was our usual low-energy chill bro Oreki who logically told her off to just not think too much about the mistake.

That being said, even by just looking at the stack of papers, everyone knew that it's going to be a loooong (and very eventful) school festival.

"Classic Literature club? I didn't even know such a club existed!"
"Yup. That's why I'm here!" "Eh?"

Okay, intro done. Now we introduce what we consider as the main character of this article. Satoshi Fukube rushed to the Classic Literature Club room wearing... what could only be classified as a "Solar System" kigurumi. 

That's right. Our boi has the entire freaking Solar System around him as a theme of his kigurumi. Not one planet. Not one star (presumably the Sun), but the entire stellar family around him.

Alright, first off, we have the signature blue NASA flight suit cotton onesie acting as the background outer space, with the following details denoting each representative planet of the our home star system:

  • Mercury is stuck on his right thigh, followed by Venus towards the waist.
  • Earth and Mars share nearby positions right around where the liver is supposed to be.
  • Look a bit closer and you can even see itsy bitsy little Luna right beside Earth!
  • Jupiter is on the left chest, being visibly much bigger than others, though still looking quite tiny compared to the main "hoodpiece."
  • Saturn is blown to epic proportions, acting as the hood of the entire kigurumi.
  • We also get to see Uranus and Neptune at the top of the Saturn hoodpiece, perfectly aligning the relative astronomical units (AU) of each planet.
  • Speaking of which, Uranus is quite accurately represented with its ring, though due to the costume's design, it's only kind of super-tilted. 
  • Lastly, no Pluto! Which means his Solar System is up to date!

This is all topped with his signature "alien" sunglasses, completing the Solar System kigurumi setup. Ah yeah, and the red kanji letters written on the back of his onesie reads "Solar System."

So, the next natural question to Satoshi's Solar System kigurumi would be... did he ever meaningfully use this kigurumi to show off or showcase something?

"Ah, I've done it. I've done what I can to promote our exciting(?) anthology."

Well... actually yes. But the end-goal was a bit too roundabout, at least compared to the theme of the kigurumi. It's not part of an official club activity, nor was it part of some thematic class section or school year presentation.

His Solar System kigurumi was simply a convenient part of a ploy to let the school know more about the existence of the Classic Literature club. By joining different festival events while donning a suit that people would never forget, it would perhaps promote the club better, hopefully selling more of their anthologies throughout the festival. 

"Well, we did surprisingly sold 14 today, so your advertising most likely helped."
"Woah, no way! Oh but, I won't be able to wear this during the cooking showdown."

For the quiz game that he attended on day one, it was a massive success. Not only did he made a clear impression to the attendees on-stage (clearly stating the name of the club), but he even managed to win the game! Earning even more reputation points, and hopefully passing the existence of the club even more by word of mouth.

"Man, I'm part of the prepping committee and I can't even recall the full name of our student council's president fast enough. "

Hmm. Come to think of it, if memory serves me right, the Astronomy club's room was just right next to the Classic Literature club at this time. Maybe that inspired Satoshi to build the kigurumi? Nevertheless, the idea to use the whole Solar System, as opposed to something simpler like a basic star design, or something more traditional like alien themes is still pretty impressive.

penguin kigurumi photo shoot

penguin kigurumi in a picture

Meanwhile, when Chitanda Eru was doing some other errand for the Classic Literature club on that same day, she ended up granting a... "session" request from the Photography club instead.

The bonus blue penguin kigurumi that Oreki is enjoying above is part of the fruits(?) of that labor.