Donning a Kigurumi on Your First Night Together

That first night together with your betrothed, will always be a special one, no matter how bad it gets. In fact, we can probably argue that it does become far more memorable when things don't really go perfectly as planned.

Such was the case with Ecarlate, princess of St. Piria. With a weird request from her fiancé, she dons what is perhaps a very unexpected article of clothing for the occasion...


"This wedding ceremony is brought to you by... Capcom!"

It was finally that day. Lord Nabokov Jugglabark has agreed on a matrimonial ceremony with Ecarlate Juptris Saint Piria, in a union that on paper, should bring peace and prosperity to the region.

"Come line up and get yer Ecarlate x Nabokov goodies!"

The announcement was, for the most part well received by the public, and the festivities are going well underway. In fact, merchants even took it upon themselves to take the opportunity to sell stuff commemorating the big event.

"This rather feels like an epilogue to be honest, and were just at episode 20!"

Naturally, our boy Kon has very mixed feelings about the event. He was, after all, been riding on adventures with the dear petite princess ever since he was thrown into this online game world. Seeing her finally walk over the promised isle made it feel that his adventures as a self-proclaimed hero were truly over.

"I never thought... I never thought we'd see development like this!"

This wasn't really the case with the rest of the gang though. They seem to be feeling celebrative for the most part. As Mariandale explains, the wedding between the two is "bound to change the world". Even Pet himself was rather cheery for the event, and Sainglain kept blabbering stuff about the ceremony.

"I don't feel mad? I suppose this is what you get when you push your development arc way too soon. Wait, why am I even here?"

Over at Incognito, the emotion about the event is perhaps more melancholic. Understandable, since their organization have existed thus far with the very mission to prevent the marriage that they are now witnessing. A very weary and disheartened Erec even sighs, wondering if everything that they have done have been worth it...

"Man, talk about looking even more fabulous than the princess."

As for the upcoming newlyweds, all seemed fine, at least externally. Ecarlate, despite her rather unusual stature, seemed cultured and refined enough to complete the festivities and ceremonies with no issue. Lord Jugglabark on the other hand, looks like the quintessential prince charming, ready to embrace the princess in his arms for a final happily ever after.

"No use mulling about it Kon, so just suppress your hero complex instincts already."

Things finally winded down during nightfall. Kon and his party are treated as guests, and thus stayed at a prepared lounge at the lord's estate. Meanwhile Ecarlate was guided to the personal quarters of the lord himself.

"I always knew the first night would be unforgettable. But I didn't expect this."

"Shall we strip then? I have something really good here for you to wear tonight."

Of course, like any other room-entering foreboding scene, the room was made to look a lot spacious than it actually is. A single bed can only be seen at the edge, with Lord Jugglabark himself... well, let's just say he's taking a different personality tonight.

animal kigurumi standing in the dark
animal kigurumi

The weird request we have mentioned earlier was, of course, none other than to wear a kigurumi. But this is not just any kigurumi. He specifically asked her to wear a frilled-lizard kigurumi, complete with frills that actually expand using some sort of pulling mechanism. Certainly a nice addition to our very own collection, and a good diversion from the usual exotic lizard kigurumi if it ever exists.

animal kigurumi having a conversation

"Fabulous! It definitely fits you perfectly my cute little dol—... I mean darling Ecarlate!"
"Aren't you going to wear a kigurumi too?"

While our dear princess is looking really nice and cute with the kigurumi, she asks the most obvious next question: why is Lord Jugglabark not changing into something similar? Surely out of all the animal-themed stuff that he has, there must be something that he can change into to match the outfit of her fiancée?

animal kigurumi standing in front
animal kigurumi in the show

"But Mr. Nabotan is already an animal! Oh, I'll cover this head with a giraffe mask, okay?"

Well he did change into something, and it is indeed animal-themed. But, its a hand puppet. And, it is now basically representing his own self with the name Mr. Nabotan. That giraffe head though? Mr. Nabotan suggests that you don't think about it too much.

animal kigurumi playing seesaw

"You know what's really fun? Counting prime numbers, that's what."
"I think... we should go to sleep already my darling Ecarlate."

As much as everything seems surreal to the viewers, this doesn't really faze the princess. In fact, apart from the sheer eccentricity, there isn't exactly anything too bothersome with the lord. Well, except maybe the strange existence of a frilled-lizard kigurumi in his closet. And yes, before you can even say it, the night pretty much ended without anything important happening.


"Wait, I thought this was my cue for the dashing rescue?!"

Kon, upon hearing a loud kaboom at the lord's quarters, immediately rushed to see how the princess is doing. What he saw was chaos and destruction, a whimpering prince, and an Ecarlate sitting quietly in anger.

"Huh? What I only saw was a whimpering crybaby. I didn't do any of this!"
"You... how dare you insult Lord Jugglabark!"

The palace guards also saw the commotion and mistook Kon as the cause, forcing an escape away from the estate.

"Ah, such a cool snapshot of me fighting the palace guards. If I only I actually knew how I got caught in this commotion..."

More bizarrely (or perhaps expectedly?), the Incognito somehow ended up being involved in the incident as well. So what really happened? Simply put, the princess was bothered by a nose hair. In her words, "a piece of extended cilium protruding out of a breathing apparatus located at the center of the human head."

Oh well, another day, another commotion in the exotic land of Ixion Saga DT.