Contemplating the Normality of a Kigurumi Pajama

Regular wear is what we can classify as something worn most of the time during your day. Thus, this could technically include sleepwear, since we wear them for a significant amount of time within the last few hours of today, and the first few of the next.

cow kigurumi sitting with her friends

"In any case, pajamas are still the king of regular wear!"

That was the rather convincing conclusion made by all five of the regular female rakugo comedians of Joshiraku (じょしらく). After all, pajamas, if you do regularly wear them to sleep, typically takes up at least four, then up to eight hours on a single 24-hour day cycle.

"The next thing we wear the longest aside from work attire is a pajama right?"

That doesn't even include:

  • the extra hours that you oversleep with
  • the first few hours where you still wear them after waking up
  • or the next full day when you actually continue wearing them, like during weekends

On that note, we can also therefore conclude that in this unusual definition, a kigurumi pajama can also be considered as regular wear. In fact, they are worn probably even longer than any other regular pajama due to design alone. Heck, we even know at least one character who wears kigurumi pajamas all the time, all day, every day.

cow kigurumi sitting in the star background

Kukuru in particular, specifically chose to wear a cow kigurumi for this segment. Her cow kigurumi is a tad bit different from what you would expect, with that hood and all. But, the theme at least still checks out for the most part.

"Shall we dress Marii up in her 'regular wear'?"

Marii had a different take on this assessment, however, and that she concluded that pajamas could then be also worn at events that require attendees to go with their "regular wear". Well, considering her own bedtime fashion choices...

Let's just say that it all ended up being a separate gag on its own.

"Stop asking stupid things!"

Joshiraku (じょしらく) borrows the same theme as Seitokai no Ichizon's one-room-random-chat setting, but this time with a rakugo twist. The show even has the same tradition of throwing jabs to roast its own source material, though this time we have more visual input since it originally was a manga.

Oh, and if you're worried about the rakugo part, the anime adaptation does a fairly good job barely keeps the baseline at keeping the core theme of setting relevant with their segment performances.