Kigurumi Onesie Artist Spotlight: YOS2K

All image credit to YOS2K (@YOS2K999) via Pixiv

We have been regularly featuring kigurumi onesie art on this website that was created by different artists. Visual specialists, who, in one way or another, were inspired to create a kigurumi design out of any random idea or related franchise that they have been focusing on.

But, I realized that we have really yet to focus on the artists themselves. So for our very first featured kigurumi onesie artist, we shall be looking at one of my recent favorites, none other than YOS2K!

bird kigurumi
chocomint ice cream kigurumi


YOS2K’s inspiration for the mobile game Blue Archive seems to have started around the middle of 2022, if this artist’s portfolio is to be referenced. For the most part, these were simply alternate renditions of characters in the game. But, sometime around the end of 2022, the nucleus of a new idea about this game was formed: create kigurumi onesies inspired by the characters, and draw them in cute, chubby chibi styles!

fox, rabbit, raccoon kigurumi onesie

The first, and probably the easiest group to draw was Hyakkiyako’s Ninjutsu club members. Since they were already based on signature animals, the only objective is to represent the same animals in kigurumi onesie form. This means giving Michiru a Raccoon (dog) kigurumi, Izuna a Fox kigurumi, and then a pre-color-patterned Rabbit kigurumi onesie for Tsukuyo. Which turned out so good, that I was immediately inspired to use them the moment as saw the images.

devil, rabbit, cat kigurumi onesie

The next group was Problem Solver 68. This was probably a bit more challenging, since the inspiration for these characters are Goetia demons. But nonetheless, almost all of them except Aru was given kigurumi onesies. The first was Kayoko, reflecting her love for cats, then the bashful but chaotic Haruka and her Rabbit kigurumi, and lastly the cheeky Mutsuki, who is the only one donning a devil-themed kigurumi onesie.

Oh yeah, don’t count Mr. Shibaseki at the left end. That’s not a mascot kigurumi... I think.

beaver, flying squirrel kigurumi onesie

Millenium’s Game Development department technically had the first entries (Midori specifically), but we will not be counting the twins Midori and Momoi as they are not given a specific object or animal theme, and the form factor is not a onesie. We will, however, give credit to Aris, who seems to be wearing a flying squirrel kigurumi, and Yuzu, who is wearing a beaver kigurumi.

bird, rabbit, dog kigurumi onesie

Speaking of Millenium, the Engineering department’s kigurumi choices are rather vague here. I mean, obviously Hibiki is wearing a dog-themed kigurumi, but the overall feel still has this rabbit feeling. Kotori’s kigurumi should be some sort of bird (given her name), but might actually be a chick? The weirdest of all is Utaha, who fashioned what’s supposed to be a Rabbit kigurumi but the ears are instead a portion of her halo.

dog, cat, licensed, pig kigurumi onesie

For our final Millenium group, the Seminar members are given pretty straightforward designs. On the left is Rio with a sort of caped mammal kigurumi with the face of Avantegarde. Yuuka with her basic, but still very cuddly, cat kigurumi. Noa seems to be donning a white version of Hibiki’s kigurumi with different ear patterns. And Koyuki is wearing a pig kigurumi onesie.

peroro duck kigurumi onesie  peroro duck kigurumi onesie

By the way, the image used as the featured art for the blog post (page top), showcases an in-game “licensed” kigurumi onesie design. The Make-up work club members are all wearing Peroro kigurumi onesies, accompanied by three Peroro plushies, with a very enthusiastic Hifumi posing front and center.

star, cat, rabbit, frog kigurumi onesie

Last but not least, we get a chaotic scene depicting the After school sweets club and Reisa. Looks like she’s causing trouble for Kazusa again, with a very entertained Yoshimi watching the unfolding madness from behind.

Interested in more YOS2K kigurumi onesie chibi art? Check out the artist’s official Pixiv page here.