Kigurumi Interacting with the Modern World

Featured image credit by りの (rino) via Pixiv

What do you typically do when wearing a kigurumi onesie?

Are you the type that simply sleeps with it? Do you play competitive video games while wearing it? Maybe you're the more regular type that actually brings it out in the open for some season-appropriate action?

Whatever you do, interacting with objects in the modern world always puts a different context to any picture or video that involves kigurumi onesies. In this very short compilation, we shall look at a few new and old examples. Kigurumi combined with cutting-edge electronics. Kigurumi complementing equally cozy elements. Kigurumi acting as a "thematically" protective layer. And so much more.

Fox Playing Piano on a Chill Day

Mister Fox Kigurumi playing piano

Who says that you only need to be either cool or formal whenever you are doing music-related activities? Especially for the piano, a transitional instrument that is as old as the most layered uniform that you can appropriately wear during the height of its "opulent" use.

Additional points for letting the fox gain yet another set of skills to boast with. (Original Post)

Basketball Arcade Kigurumi Challenge

Black Cat Kigurumi playing basketball

To be fair, there isn't really any significant physical restrictions when wearing kigurumi onesies as you try to go for the most shots in a classic basketball arcade session. But it is a fun exercise to consider mentally and psychologically. Just make sure that the guards don't keep a hard eye on you too much. (Original Post)

The Simple Joys of Reading in a Kigurumi

Pastel Unicorn Kigurumi reading a book

Doesn't really have to be anything thematic, or even that deep, to be honest. Just chill down, relax, and find a nice book to read while you spend the entire time (hopefully) enriching your knowledge while rocking the kigurumi onesie of your choice. Oh but, do be careful if you intend to include a hot drink with this specific session. (Original Post)

Wild Manatee Reading Under a Tree?!

Manatee Kigurumi reading a book

If you don't fancy reading your favorite book indoors, why not due it with the tranquil and serene field of nature's goodness? It won't exactly be as quiet as you ideally like it to be, but just look at the scenery! Maybe you can even blend to your surroundings unlike this totally land-based creature theme over here.

I guess it also helps that you do this only on non-hectic days, lest you occassionally hear the annoying blares of oncoming traffic. (Original Post)

Busy Shark Gazing at a Break Opportunity

Shark Kigurumi setting up her computer

Digging some of our best classics, this one relives the hectic work-at-home life reminiscent of the era when the photo was selected as a winner. It's pretty much a normal part of life now, but it just shows that even in a professional manner, kigurumi onesies still bring out the best out of any good shot. Especially when it gets as scenic as this. (Original Post)