Kigurumi Takes Over Montreal Comiccon 2015

With familiar faces like Charles Martinet, Hayley Atwell, Veronica Taylor and Jason Momoa under one roof, the 2015 edition of Montreal Comiccon was already geared towards success. Despite it taking place during moving and Canada Day weekend (a huge jump from their usual September run), geeks from various fandoms gathered two months early at Le Palais des Congrès to shop, dress up and meet their favorite celebrity guests.

While hanging out at our booth, we managed to spot many creative cosplays, snagging snapshots and expressing our adoration. From gender-swapped Ganondorf (The Legend of Zelda) to the adorable pink-haired Villager (Animal Crossing), high praise was given, and feels were felt.

As for all those not in cosplay, we had (and always have) them covered - no one is complete without a kigurumi onesie! Fancy Stitch, Pikachu or the Red Panda? Stopping by our booth granted you the chance to snuggle into an animal or character onesie of your choice. Mmm, so soft!

Many convention attendees loved the idea of getting into our onesies. That included people of all ages, from young children to adults, and... celebrities? Who knew both Billie Piper (Doctor Who, Penny Dreadful ) and Scott Wilson (The Walking Dead) had a craving! Having remembered us from Ottawa Comiccon, the lovable Rose Tyler had been thinking about our crazy costumes ever since. Her pick? The Skeleton onesie, and an Olaf for her husband.

Skeleton kigurumi

As for Scott Wilson, he wished to show us his magical side. Long live Hershel the (blue) unicorn!

Scott Wilson with his full blue unicorn kigurumi

As we say goodbye to Montreal Comiccon, we look forward to the many other conventions yet to come. Want to know if we'll be in a city near you? Check out the following list and be sure to follow our social media for booth numbers and promotions! We're looking forward to meeting you!

July 17-19
 Atomic Lollipop

Toronto, ON

August 7-9 Otakuthon

Montreal, QC

August 14-16 Anime Revolution

Vancouver, BC

September 3-6 Fan Expo

Toronto, ON

September 24-27 Anime Weekend Atlanta

Atlanta, GA

September 25-27 Edmonton Expo

Edmonton, AB

October 29-Nov 1 Youmacon

Detroit, MI