Kigurumi Wishes You a Happy Lunar New Year!

The lunar new year is upon us! Goodbye year of the Rooster, and hello to the year representing our favourite furry critter - the dog. 

Small Dog Corgi Pug Kigurumi Lunar New Year

As the 11th zodiac, the Dog represents honesty and loyalty, an important ingredient to the balance of our world. That makes sense – dogs are humankind's best friend after all! For us, it is a special time to celebrate with our favourite canine Kigurumi. The Corgi and Pug, alongside the brand new Shiba Kigurumi, are more than enough to bring intense cuddles and sweet joy for the rest of the year.

Corgi Pug Shiba Kigurumi Video Games Lunar New Year

Which pup suits you the most? Is it the Corgi, with its irresistible eyes? 

What about the Pug? They say a Pug life is a good life!

Then there's the Shiba – charming yet stubborn, there'd be no doge without it!

 Whichever your pick, we know it's a good one. Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!