Would You Like to Attend the Fluffiest Kigurumi Event Ever?

Have you ever experienced the ultimate kigurumi festival? Like, the biggest, the widest, and most exciting kigurumi event comprised of an entire multitude of enthusiasts? If you have, then you at least have an idea just how fluffy and fuzzy everything can get. So much more variety than you can get at home too, or at any smaller scale celebration that you might quickly organize.

But if not, then you're in the same boat as Mirai, Rinka and Emo (eh-moh). Because you and the rest of the Miracle Kiratts are about to witness what is perhaps the largest scale fluffy and fuzzy celebration ever seen since the menace of the space fluff balls.

This... is a special day that is entirely dedicated to all things fluffy and fuzzy.

"I feel we're supposed to be watching something different from this position."
"Like what? Like a CEO announcement or something?"

Pri Chan Land, is a special amusement park dedicated to the appreciation and performance of all the idol channels. Built by the Kagayaki Corporation, it combines many types of modern multimedia technologies today to create the ultimate idol entertainment experience for all of its visitors.

"... Just so you know, our performances are always set at the end of the episode."

Normally, if there's no active idol performance at a certain time, Pri Chan Land looks like any other amusement park. All the typical rides, booths and attractions that you would expect out of such a facility, you can probably see in real-life.

However, under the specific suggestion of Alice and Eve, one special event was marked and scheduled for that day. An event that hints at warmth, tenderness, and joy for the entirety of the celebration's duration. The moment which delivers the velvety, silky

animal kigurumi in the event

"Hmm? See something interesting there Emo?"
"Nothing at the moment. But the floating emphasis sticks are pointing that way."

Okay, okay, we already hinted at it strongly in the beginning anyway. Yup, it's none other than Fuzzy Fluff Fun Day. (モフフワファニーデー, Mofu Fuwa Funny Day)

As you might have imagined, there is particular focus on animal themed stuff for this event. Because you know, it's the default fuzzy and fluffy stuff that we humans typically think of. Mammals especially, with all the furry(?) goodness that we can weave into any costume or clothing set.

Naturally, this logic then leads us into the eventual use of the typically animal-themed kigurumi for this event. I mean, they're literally everywhere. They're not just animal hoods. Heck, type-A mascot version kigurumi just skims the surface of Fuzzy Fluff Fun Day. You have the entire package on a single spot in one single day, and to enumerate some of them:

animal kigurumi interacting

Animal-theme hood jackets, as already shown by Mirai and Rinka. (while Emo wears a standard kigurumi)

General(?) animal costumes.

Fluffy and fuzzy merchandise.

Blobs of floating happiness.

Cute headwear and accessories.

animal kigurumi selling her products

Any and all stuffed animals that you'll ever want to (for one day).

animal kigurumi cheering from the crowd

animal kigurumi having a conversation

Last but not least, kigurumi of various dazzling colors and themes. We can safely assume that any color, or complementary color combinations, existed one form or another as this day unfolded. Some even have unique material configurations, such as those with a wooly finish to double as a fuzzy costume and a sheep-themed kigurumi.

"I wonder how many of these mascots are actually working in this amusement park."

And that's about it really. The event is pretty much already described as it is, and it's quite hard to pinpoint one theme as everything gets a brief moment in the spotlight. There are no specific character focus either, and our three Miracle Kiratts ladies merely showcased the event as short-time hosts.

So, feel free to just browse on whatever thematic combination that might inspire you on your next kigurumi setup, in this wonderful temporary land of dreams!

"Come to think it, we never bothered to know a Cotton-chan mascot's measurements."
"Oh, actually stuff like these are fitted for the character per episode."

But wait! Maybe you actually want a super rare Cotton-chan mascot instead?

"Finally, FINALLY! I can at long last break character without hurting my public image!"
"Anna and Meru are going to have an absolute field day if they found out about this later."

Well if you're interested in that, the rest of the episode's story is actually set to revolve around Sara. This includes her "path" to cuteness, a road that she has yet to walk through up until that point in the story due to imposed character(ization) constraints...

Bonus points to anyone who sees the hidden kigurumi on the first image at the very beginning of this blog post!