Ready to Make Friends with Bocchi's Serious Kigurumi?

Sometimes, all you need is a kigurumi to tackle the challenges ahead. At least, that's one way how Bocchi tries to go about her never-ending worries and concerns.

animal kigurumi talking to her friend

Hitori-Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu (ひとりぼっちの○○生活introduces its audience to the world of light-hearted slice of life, cute girls doing cute things, and weirdly peculiar names full of Japanese puns. In its third episode, our protagonist Bocchi anticipates the arrival of her visiting friends, wearing her special "serious outfit" while anxiously waiting for them by the minute.

Of course, she's never Bocchi if there are no new quirkiness to her shy tendencies for us viewers to regularly see. Episode three doesn't fail in this regard, as she reintroduces herself yet again, this time in her full kigurumi regalia.

animal kigurumi saying hello

Detail wise there are not many special points to comprehensively describe. It's a straightforward bear-design kigurumi. Not exactly like our slightly more stylish and cute Teddy Bear kigurumi, but an adorable bear-themed kigurumi nonetheless. Though, the color scheme totally reminds us more of our Sloth kigurumi instead, don't you think?

Bocchi proudly wears her kigurumi as her "serious outfit", prepared specially for her friends Nako and Aru. Things don't go exactly her way in the end, however, as she got caught in her usual physical problems later during that day.

animal kigurumi

But, at the end of the episode, all becomes well again, with Bocchi looking forward to her new high school life with her new friends once again. Yes, while still wearing her beloved "serious outfit".

So what do you think of Bocchi's kigurumi? Was it really her loungerwear, or was it just a part of her special wardrobe? Also, is that belt stitched in place, or just worn over?

Let's watch more Hitori-Bocchi episodes to find out!