Monster Hunter Generations: Felyne Fine!

The new installment in the Monster Hunter series comes out for 3DS in only two short weeks and we are PUMPED. Known as Monster Hunter X in Japan, it sold over three million copies in its very first month: if the numbers are anything to go by, we're in for a major treat. Taking only 8 months to reach us in North America, the highly-anticipated Monster Hunter Generations celebrates twelve years since the release of the original Monster Hunter.

Play as a Felyne? Amaaaazing!

Generations is special for a lot of reasons--there are new "Hunting Styles" and "Hunter Arts" abilities, making it the most customizable game in the series to date--but our number-one most looked-forward to feature is that in Generations, you can play as both a human and a Felyne. Formerly NPC-only companions to human players, this mischievous race of kitty-critters are now totally playable characters. And as we all know...

Everybody wants to be a cat!

When July 15th rolls around we hope you'll join us in celebrating Monster Hunter Generations, kigurumi-style: lounging out, 3DS in hand, matching your real-life self to your in-game self. Mee-ow!

Felyne Kigurumi Onesie from Kigurumi.caFelyne Kigurumi Onesie from

As a special bonus for anyone in or near NYC, @MonsterHunterNYC is throwing a Generations launch party at Sean's Bar and Kitchen. Show up and you could win your very own Felyne kigurumi!

MonsterHunterNYC launch party!