National Cat Day - A Purrfect Day!

Next week marks a special holiday for us. It's the time of the year when our little purry friends get their own celebration!

If you didn't know, Tuesday, October 29th marks National Cat Day! Here at Kigurumi, we'll be celebrating all day long by cozing up in our favorite cat onesies and accessories. If you're looking to celebrate, but not sure what to do, here are a few suggestions to get you in touch with your inner kitty. 

Dress up as your feline friend

Take photos of you and your cat and share them all over the interwebs. On November 29th, there will be tons of photos and videos embracing cats. Make sure yours stand out, by dressing up as your feline friend in one of our cat onesies. We sell a variety of cat onesies including a Tabby and Black cat, as well as a Giant Black Cat Animal Head

Bake cat shaped desserts

Another way to celebrate National Cat Day is having a kitty inspired bake off! You can find a ton of recipes online, but these cat doughnuts are hands down the most adorable treat in the world! We don't even want to eat them - they're so cute! 

Host a kitty party

Put together an awesome cats party and invite all your friends and their cats (or plush cats if yours is a little more temperamental). Ask everyone to dress up by either wearing makeup, an accessory or a onesie and dance the night away!

Volunteer at a shelter or adopt

Approximately 3.4 million cats are placed into shelters per year. Try helping out a local shelter and asking to play and take care of the cats up for adoption. On the other hand, if you want a cat and are ready for the commitment, choose to adopt Tuesday! 

Are you celebrating National Cat Day? Tell us what you have planned on our social media!