NEW CHARACTER STYLES: Say Hello to Gachapin, Gizmo, Koala's March and Olaf!

Just in time for the holidays, we have not one but four new character styles. Say hello to Gizmo, the friendly Mogwai from GremlinsKoala's March, the tasty cookie by Lotte, the buck-toothed adventurous dinosaur Gachapin, and of course, Frozen's warm-hugging Olaf!


animal kigurumi



Gachapin is Japan's favourite bucktoothed dinosaur! Usually accompanied by his friend Mukku the Yeti, this green hero is always ready for adventure.

Gacha, Gachapin-pin!


Unlike many Mogwais, Gizmo is a sweet creature without a speck of evil in him, making him an Eternal. His hobbies include cars and watching television. Any Rambo fans in the house?


Take a bite of this - Japan's favourite Koala-shaped cookie by Lotte is now available in Kigurumi onesie form! Be the sweetest filling you can be!

And of course...


Do you like warm hugs? Elsa created an Olaf onesie to keep you cozy and happy!