So, How Popular was Your Pokémon Kigurumi? (Updated)

So umm... you may have noticed it for quite a long while already but,

We've got a new Pokémon kigurumi lineup!

Yes, yes, we perfectly understand the frustration of not being able to get that kigurumi while it was still available.But, as one would have expected, these kigurumi are just way too popular to handle.

Of course, it is perfectly fine to like a particular motif or design and stick to it all the way if it is ever available. It would be nice though, if we can get that sweet, sweet additional options to further induce decision paralysis boost the potential variety of themed kigurumi that we can enjoy. 

Well, at the very least we can analyze what had just happened and hope to better anticipate these wacky trends next time.

Without further ado, here's a short summary of our current lineup, and how they fared to you, and to everyone!

Psyduck Kigurumi: Adult (Regular / X-Tall)
Popularity Level: Psychically Bewildering

psyduck pokemon kigurumi standing


Is it the troubled look, or the bewildered expression? Either way contemplating your slumber in a simple manner as the renowed psychic waterfowl wouldn't be as edgy as another yellow-themed kigurumi on this list.

Slowpoke Kigurumi: Adult (Regular / X-Tall)
Popularity Ranking: Until the Shell Appears

slowpoke pokemon kigurumi dancing

By all technicality, Slowpoke and Snorlax should have been the best of slumber party buddies right? Yet this Pokémon kigurumi ironically lives up to its name on this list.

Jigglypuff Kigurumi: Kids / Adult (Regular / X-Tall)
Popularity Level: Always Here for You

jigglypuff pokemon kigurumi opening her mouth
jigglypuff pokemon kigurumi smiling

Impromptu graffiti alert! Feeling the urge to pull out that marker on your fellow kigurumi partymates? You might be the one to fall into slumber instead.

Mewtwo Kigurumi: Kids / Adult (Regular / X-Tall)
Popularity Rating: Birth Circumstances are Irrelevant

mewtwo pokemon kigurumi
mewtwo pokemon kigurumi

Bow down to the master of evolution and the apex of genetic enhancement! Actually no, just sit back, relax, and never have to worry about emptying this one on your stock... if you're "evolved" enough.

Chamander Kigurumi: Kids / Adult (X-Tall)
Popularity Level: Undoubtedly Adorable! 


charmander pokemon kigurumi
charmander pokemon kigurumi

While not being an absolute smash hit as its final evolved form, the Charmander Kigurumi still gets a lot of points as the "adorably cool" one in the bunch, as already proven by the regular adult version before.

Pikachu Kigurumi: Kids / Adult (X-Tall)
Popularity Level: Completely Electrifying!

pikachu pokemon kigurumi
pikachu pokemon kigurumi

We always anticipated that anything Pikachu-related will be a smash hit. But, this is quite a pleasant surprise.

Eevee Kigurumi: Kids / Adult  (X-Tall)
Popularity Level: It's Never an Eevee for Long

eevee pokemon kigurumi
eevee pokemon kigurumi

Much like the first level Pokémon that it is based on, it never lasted in its initial form, and went away as fast as it arrived. Can't be helped though, who can resist that basic, undiluted charm?

Charizard Kigurumi: Kids / Adult (X-Tall)
Popularity Level: Way Too Hot to Handle!


charizard pokemon kigurumi
charizard pokemon kigurumi

Well, this comes as no surprise to absolutely anyone. If the adult version was had all the bells and whistles even before, can you imagine how much better its cuter and larger version could become?

Snorlax Kigurumi: Kids / Adult (X-Tall)
Popularity Level: A Sleeper Hit... Literally.

snorlax pokemon kigurumi


snorlax pokemon kigurumi

Sleepy, comfy, big, fluffy, and... oh yes, sleepy. Did we need to say more? Better prepare that flute, because this one will not be moving anywhere in this place and rank anytime soon.

pokemon kigurumi gathering

So there you have it, an overview of our updated Pokémon kigurumi lineup, and how you should anticipate getting one next time. Did you like it? Were you frustrated? Was it accurate/inaccurate? Or was this how you expected things to go all along?

Of course, trends might chance, and an even newer, updated list could shift the direction of the winds...

But, that will be for another gym and town!