New Style Week Day 5: Mega Man

New Style Week is finally ending, and what better way to do it than with our final entry. Kicking off Day 5 is Mega Man, Capcom's beloved hero!

The Blue Bomber also known as Rockman in Japan came to be in 1987 and has been featured in countless video games and other forms of media. Originally released on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Mega Man has since appeared across many different platforms, most recently on the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in a Legacy Collection. Mega Man 11, the upcoming installment which features the original Mega Man in a challenging yet fresh take on the 2D platforming series is set to be released in October.

Mega Man Capcom Rock Man

With so much Mega Man action taking place, it's no wonder that the nostalgic figure has been added to our Kigurumi Collection. Mega Man is celebrating 31 years this year, so let's join in the fun with these fantastic facts! 

  • Mega Man was based on Astro Boy, one of the most beloved characters in Japanese manga.
  • Aside from the Mega Man series, Mega Man is also a playable character in games such Marvel vs Capcomand Super Smash Bros. 4and has made an appearance in several others including Dead Rising.
  • Mega Man got his own show in 1994. Before that, he appeared regularly in Captain N: The Game Master.
  • Why exactly is Mega Man? Apparently the only reason behind this color choice is due to software limitations of the NES back in the day.
  • Before settling on Rockman/Mega Man, it was suggested that our blue hero be called Rainbow Battle Rock Man. However, due to copyright issues this name could not be used. 

Can't get enough of this nostalgia? Suit up in the Mega Man Kigurumi and play a game or two!