New Styles: Pikachu & Hello Kitty

You've been asking for more Japanese characters, and we're happy to announce that they're here! You can find them in the new Characters section of the shop.

Pikachu Kigurumi Onesie 

Pikachu Kigurumi


One of our most popular requests from Pokémon lovers! This is the official Nintendo-licensed Pikachu Kigurumi Onesie, featuring black-tipped ears, brown stripes and lightning bolt-shaped tail. 

Hello Kitty Pink Kigurumi Onesie

Hello Kitty Pink Kigurumi

Another favourite from Japan, the Hello Kitty Pink Kigurumi Onesie is sure to be one of our cutest styles. Features dark gray eyes and whiskers, yellow nose, pink bow, and Hello Kitty shaped pocket with "Hello Kitty" text.