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If Your Kigurumi Luck Fails, Try Harder? - Part Two

How unlucky do you have to be to lose in a rock-paper-scissors game to be forced to perform while wearing a raccoon kigurumi? How much unluckier do you have to be to get strung along with a set of events that would eventually have you wear another random kigurumi?

That was the personal woes of Komari as she welcomes the new school year with her sister Natsumi and fellow schoolmates Renge and Hotaru.

"Hmm, bad luck. Beware of water, it says."

The second incident started with a seemingly innocent bad luck draw. Natsumi pulls out a fortune from an o-mikuji toy that said: "Beware of water". Of course, Komari tries not to show concern over this, dismissing it with the assurance that she will not be in any situation related to water anytime soon.

"Why does it have to be pool cleaning of all activities?"

Well... you probably already guessed what happened next.

As the series dictated luck would have it, that day's school activity was to clean the campus pool. Komari, while increasingly getting worried, still tries to deny the random toy fortune. But eventually, a series of separate events soon had her starting to believe in the unfortunate "disaster" that fell upon her.

The next day, Natsumi once again tries to pull a fortune from the o-mikuji toy, this time saying: "Out is good, in is bad". Since Komari is now a lot more open to toy fortunes due to yesterday's events, she readily followed her sister's advice to go outside. After meeting up with Hotaru later that day, yet another "disaster" occurred.

"Koma-chan, haven't your 'disasters' ended yet?"
"Ehh?! But the other one said I should go outside."

It suddenly rained hard, seemingly out of nowhere.

This landed them into the candy store, much to the chagrin of shop owner Kaede. But, having no heart to just shoo the kids away, she offered to get them a change of clothing inside her home.

"Alright, alright. I'll get some clothes to change so get inside already!"

Natsumi got a somewhat trendy, but smaller set of clothes, Renge got a very cute and frilly princess outfit, and Hotaru was just straight up given one of her current jersey jacket n' pants.

Komari, on the other hand...

"Why does it always have to be me?"

... was given to wear none other than a dinosaur kigurumi.

"After that, you flip it over and cook that side for a while, and then...."

"Now wait up. I haven't finished dabbing the sauce yet."

Perhaps with a few flashbacks to yet another kigurumi incident a few months back, Komari decides to just roll with it. After all, they are about to get a good taste of Kaede's specialty okonomiyaki.

"Oh, so this toy is actually made to prank people?"

"Um, you should know that as its owner."

Later on, Kaede did reveal that the o-mikuji toy was actually meant to only have bad fortunes, so it is essentially made to troll people. What did Komari conclude after this reveal?

"Then... everything that happened wasn't a 'disaster'..."

Well, not quite, Komari. Technically not quite.

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