Our Pick of the 5 Best Halloween Costumes

Halloween is here, but if you find yourself frantically searching for a costume last minute yet again, don't fret. Here are our 5 best halloween costume ideas for 2016 that will make all your friends jealous - even if they're last minute!

If you've been searching for the best last-minute halloween costumes this year, you'll probably notice the same 3 everywhere: Harley Quinn + The Joker, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. We bet that you'll run into at least one person (or more) who will be dressed that way. To avoid awkward run-ins - grab some inspiration from our picks below:

Pokemon Go! Anything

Pokemon Go! was by far the most popular game/app of the year. Not only did it attract millions of players, but we saw a ton of crowds across the US gathering to catch rare Pokemon in public areas. Buying a Pokeball outfit is great, but if you really want to outdo yourself (and everyone else), we suggest dressing up as a Poke Stop - blue face and all.

Poke Stop Best Halloween Costumes

Any Character from Stranger Things - But Mostly Barb

If you haven't watched "Stranger Things", then you probably won't know why people might be dressed as 80s children or this one child.  

Eleven Best Halloween Costumes

But if you've seen it, then hopefully you agree that dressing up as Barb is a no brainer. Just a suggestion - people might think you're just an awful Molly Ringwald, so make sure to wear the thickest glasses you can get. Double points if you can't see. 

Barb Stranger Things Best Halloween Costumes

Butterly Crown Snapchat Filter

If you don't use Snapchat or haven't seen this video, then you probably have no clue what we're talking about. But if you do, this costume is really easy to make and most people will applaud you. 

Butterfly Snapchat Filter Best Halloween Costumes

Gender Neutral Bathroom Sign

Besides this being one of the most controversial issues in the US and Canada this past year, there's still no universal neutral bathroom sign - which makes it so fun! We encourage you to be as creative as you want to be. Here's one idea: 

Gender Neutral Bathroom Sign Best Halloween Costumes

A Comfy, Adorable Animal Kigurumi

Animal onesies have become the go-to fun outfit of the year. We're seeing these adorable creatures at festivals, concerts and with celebrities too. We have a HUGE selection for every taste and what makes them even better? You don't have to spend 2+ hours thinking of a costume or getting ready. Just simply grab your onesie, style your hair, add some makeup and go (or for guys, just put it on 2 minutes before heading to your party) - it's that easy. Our top suggestions this year have to be our Sloth, Shark and Winnie the Pooh's Eeyore. No matter what you'll be doing this Halloween, you'll never feel uncomfortable because you'll be in the most comfy and snuggly costume of all time.