Kigurumi Entwined within the Intimate Woes of a Troubled Couple

It was the final moment of Tsukasa's romantic date. Faced with the self-doubts of his cherished one about her cruel fate, he decides to take that one last leap to reassure her, holding her firmly in his arms...

"Why would you go that far?" "Why...? Because... because I love you!"

"I... I can't do this!"

... when everything just seemed to fall instantly apart.

*Blank stare into nothingness*

And so, this is where our perspective of the story starts.

Tsukasa, having seemingly been rejected by Isla, slumps in his office deck, completely blank, still unable to process the events that followed at the end of that night. Everyone seemed puzzled as well. All things seem to be working so well for both of them, that rejection was the last thing that could have happened.

"I see. So Tsukasa was rejected huh."

Seeing the urgency of this romantic crisis, fellow officemates Michiru and Eru decided to take action. One would take the other, see both sides of the situation, and form an assessment based on what they would each learn.

"How long do you intend to act like that?! Get a hold of yourself!"

"Come on, you better eat up before dinner gest cold."

For Michiru, she is tasked with temporarily taking care of Tsukasa. She invited Tsukasa to her and Zack's apartment room that following night. Though acting on her usual tsun attitude, she did try to take care of Tsukasa well, giving him something to consider, and even preparing dinner for the three of them to enjoy.


"My dream of inviting Isla-cchi over to my room has finally been fulfilled!"

rabbit kigurumi surprise by her friend

"I'm not letting you sleep tonight, Isla-cchi!"

Isla gets to experience the kigurumi "torture" with Eru, who doesn't seem like she's planning to learn anything at all, but instead has more nefarious agendas. Though our precious Giftia senses huge trouble, she was ultimately unable to escape, and seems to have resigned to her fate by donning a rabbit kigurumi.

rabbit kigurumi with other kigurumi costume on the floor

"Look, I've prepared every one these kigurumi pajamas for you!"

With a pig, tiger, penguin, cat, bear, and another rabbit kigurumi laid all over the floor and table, it looks like she's in for a really, really long night.

"You two will no longer work together starting tomorrow."

As for the main issue between Tsukasa and Isla, it would still take a few cracks and bumps on the road before they get on proper footing again. However spoiler alert, it all goes quite well in the end.

At least... before the inevitable finally comes.

Plastic Memories (プラスティック・メモリーズ) may not be a Honey & Clover-level masterpiece, but when it manages to pull the heartstrings of its audience with just the extra, one-off characters on the very first episode, you know you are in for a very enjoyable feels ride. Viewers of the show did have mixed opinions and feelings about the central conflict of the show though. But in the end, it still made a considerable impact on those who took the leap of faith to watch the original anime.

And yes, before anyone even asks, the pastel-like color palette is once again thanks to the kigurumi master anime studio, Doga Kobo. As Plastic Memories is an original anime with no previous works when it first aired, maybe this is definitive proof that the studio simply likes kigurumi overall?