When a Kigurumi Café Definitely WAS the Best Idea Ever

Quite some time ago, we learned that one daring student council president tried the idea of establishing a kigurumi café. The intent was to serve their customers while they themselves are treated like pets. Unfortunately, it did not work out, and at that time, it seemed like it might not ever be an idea worth seriously pursuing.

"Seems it's an exhibit, a head-costume plus kigurumi booth, and omelet rice café."
"I think the 'ETC' sign at the entrance is no longer enough for all that."

 ... That is until we were proven totally wrong. Somebody did manage to successfully create a kigurumi café. But there's a catch: it actually functions like any other school festival-style service booth.

animal kigurumi feeling excited

"Two orders of omelet rice! Don't forget to ask us to draw your faces on it okay?"

There are several exceptions of course. For one thing, at least two members of the kigurumi café are not exactly considered as regular students. Being on the complete opposite sides of the upbeat-ness scale, Misaki just overflows with pure energy, while Mashiro seems simply too emotionless to even bother.

animal kigurumi holding a bottle of juice

"Your dexterity in ketchup drawing with those paws is really impressive."

black cat kigurumi holding a flip bottle of juice

"Ketchup on the face huh. Now THAT's what I'd call original."

Putting that aside though, the kigurumi café actually performed quite well within its secondary objective, which is to provide comfort to their already overworked project designers.

black cat kigurumi holding a bottle

"You could technically call it cannibalism too."

Especially Sorata, who was practically sleepless for many nights already. In fact, their strategy was so effective, that Sorata just instinctively sprang back to his usual tsukkomi role, while Mashiro flexed all of her deadpan comedic muscles in response to all of his reactions.

black cat kigurumi holding a sign

"I'm working as a poster girl."
"You're not meant to act literally AS a poster!"

The resulting delivery, as usual, became the point of banter for our two adorable aspiring creators. Guess that's one way to relieve work stress.

"Misaki-senpai, the word 'cat girl' should not be used in the same context as 'bunny girl'."

One thing though, calling a cat kigurumi a "cat girl" did create a bit of misunderstanding (thanks Misaki) before they actually arrived. Mashiro at least, without even being conscious about it, was able to brush it off aside with her oddball conclusions as expected.

"We'll finish the presentation... with the power of love!"

And so, later during that day, Sorata finally had an idea for the climax of the interactive game cinema booth they were planning to present. The theme is emotion. To convey, to release, or to unleash all of your thoughts into your passionate voice.

"In fact, I don't even care if someone rants, just let them shout all their hearts out!"

This will apparently be the source of energy to power up their giant cat robot character for an amazing finishing move.

"Here's to hoping we don't instantly crash and wake up several days later!"

Eventually, with five hours left before their presentation begins, the project was completed. The intrepid dormmates of Sakura-sou have at long last managed to break their continued sleepless days.

The Pet Girl of Sakura-sou (さくら荘のペットな彼女) definitely was an interesting drama/slice-of-life title when it was aired some time ago. It wasn't perfect, of course. But the main conflict it represented for the characters was very well suited for modern young people, especially those with aspiring careers in the digital creative department. Life's twist and turns might lead you astray, or force you into unfair comparisons with more gifted individuals. But life keeps moving on, and so should you.

black cat kigurumi standing straight and no getting upset by her friends apology

As for the kigurumi café, this will not be the last time we will see them don their cutest suits, so stay tuned!