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Saying Goodbye to our Smallest Kigurumi

It is with sadness that we report the discontinuation of all of our kids Kigurumi for kids aged 2-5 years old. These Kigurumi animal onesies were great while they lasted but alas sometimes nice things must come to an end. We continue to stock Kigurumi sized 130cm which are perfect for kids aged 5-9.
  • Kids Bat
  • Kids Blue Narwhal Kigurumi
  • Kids Blue Unicorn Kigurumi
  • Kids Chicken
  • Kids Cow Kigurumi
  • Kids Dasiy Duck
  • Kids Dinosaur Kigurumi
  • Kids Donald Duck
  • Kids Giraffe Kigurumi
  • Kids Hamster Kigurumi
  • Kids Japanese Monkey
  • Kids Kangaroo Kigurumi
  • Kids Mickey Mouse
  • Kids Midnight Cat Kigurumi
  • Kids Minnie Mouse
  • Kids My Melody
  • Kids Olaf
  • Kids Orange Narwhal Kigurumi
  • Kids Owl Kigurumi
  • Kids Panda Kigurumi
  • Kids Penguin Kigurumi
  • Kids Pink Unicorn Kigurumi
  • Kids Pooh
  • Kids Purple Narwhal Kigurumi
  • Kids Purple Purple Unicorn
  • Kids Rabbit Kigurumi
  • Kids Red Panda Kigurumi
  • Kids Sheep Kigurumi
  • Kids Shiba Inu
  • Kids Skeleton Kigurumi
  • Kids Stitch
  • Kids Tabby Cat Kigurumi
  • Kids Tiger Kigurumi
  • Kids White White Unicorn

Some of our kids kigurumi aged 2-5 still remains, so get them while you can!

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