Situations and Places to Wear Kigurumi?

Featured image credit by ぴ via Pixiv

Kigurumi are instantly eye-popping by nature, with its combination of design, style, colors, and themes. Which is why it's understandable for people to have a few doubts when wearing them.

Specifically, the query of where or when exactly can kigurumi be worn.

Well, it can be worn anywhere! So long as there is no strict dress code for the occasion, you can feel tall and proud to wear a kigurumi for whatever occasion you deem fit. Well, depending on the specific wearer, there might be a few psychological ramifications on broadening its use too much, so maybe you can be conservative and just limit them to the most casual and chill of situations.

That being said, there are situations where wearing a kigurumi can actually be a benefit, or a considerable advantage, compared to any other choice of wear. In this blog, we will enumerate some of the common circumstances where kigurumi might be appropriate to wear, and hopefully provide a bit more clarification for this passionate query.

Can I use a kigurumi during sleep?

Image credit by yukke via Pixiv

Of course! As universal as kigurumi has become today in fun situations, during the earlier years they are more often associated with any number of related sleeping wear (excluding the mascot type, of course). I mean, literally the keyword that often comes next to kigurumi, apart from "onesie", is "pajama", and oftentimes in media these products will be advertised as such.

As for why they are used for sleeping, I'm pretty sure it is easy to understand, even at a glance, the comfy reason behind (inside?) it.

Is it possible to bring my kigurumi during visits?

Well, it depends. But if the visit is laid-back enough, you can pretty much substitute your casual wear with a selection of your preferred kigurumi. In particular, this is pretty easy when you're the one welcoming host, as you can even set the tone and theme of the occasion with the kigurumi you are going to choose.

If you're the one doing the visit, though, maybe save wearing the kigurumi until your reach the cleaner safety of your acquaintance's place. Trust me, there's lots of random things that could soil the party before it gets started even during a relatively dry day.

Can I wear a kigurumi onesie in public?

Image via pbs.twimg (Twitter)

Yup, definitely, and there's nobody that can stop you from doing so. Some people may think of it as a bold and daring move to catch the attention of the public (with all the most colorful designs, of course) at a certain level. So if you're the type to easily brush off wild gazes of people around, or could even sway these stares to your favor, then wearing kigurumi in public is not a problem.

If you're in Japan at least, you're either met with salarymen (regular office employees) who are too busy to notice you, or younger denizens that might simply think of it as an off-timed personal event. Of course, just like any other type of clothing, there will be better, more optimal situations to wear a kigurumi. But for the most part, you're absolutely free to wear them in public.

There are, however, a few things to note, should you decide to wear kigurumi this way:

  • Be wary of external elements that could pose higher risk of soiling and damage to kigurumi than when you're just at home.
  • If you have matching themed footwear with your kigurumi, it is recommended that you temporarily refrain from wearing them. Opt for something a bit studier for longer walks instead.
  • Needless to say, you will need to put on a few more layers underneath... at least compared to what you're usually putting on.
  • And maybe don't wear a kigurumi theme that would look weird or suspicious in the middle of the night?

How about wearing kigurumi during long trips?

For the time period before you get to your destination, the rules (etiquette) of wearing a kigurumi would most likely fall under a combination between house rules and public rules. Thus, during longer trips, it is recommended to consider wearing a kigurumi under combined "technical specifications".

After all, being in an enclosed, moving space for a long period means:

  1. There is so much less probability for the kigurumi to get considerably dirty, and...
  2. There are still potentially a lot of strangers around you, so you may have to consider how you are going to wear the kigurumi.

For starters, any kigurumi with extended arm designs, such as bird kigurumi, or those that have tails should probably not be worn. These can get stuck easily into nooks and crannies of even larger vehicles, and kids might tug along these parts the entire trip.

You also need to consider if you are going to switch between a lot vehicles. If it is a long-haul flight, or a day-long train trip, then no physical limitations need to be imposed on your kigurumi. If, let's say, the long trip involves train hopping, and then riding some other vehicle(s) before you get there, you should probably reconsider.

Image credit by キリフ via Twitter 

Finally, it'd be best if the kigurumi is already worn way before the trip starts. Trust me, it's really inconvenient to start jumping into one when you're at some random restroom in the middle of your journey.