Swoop into our Spring Cleaning Sale!

Spring is in full bloom, and in celebration we are launching our Spring Cleaning sale! Embrace the return of light spring weather – sure, it’s still a bit cold, but our kigurumis have you covered (quite literally)!

Whether you dream of swimming with the Sharks (please don’t!), lazily hanging around with Sloths or showing off your true colors like the Peacock, we have a style that is fitting for someone like you! Our sale covers top sellers and fan favourites alike, so why not take a look?

Starting now until Sunday (05/13/18), save up to 60% on select styles! Here are just a few of our faves:


This spiny little creature is perhaps the most adorable of its species, and with good reason! While actual hedgehogs aren’t the cuddliest, our kigurumi is, making the Hedgehog a loveable and huggable choice. 


There are many reasons why the Octopus Kigurumi is considered fun, and we can tell you at least 8 of them..! Appendages aside, it’s quirky face and red body also makes for a unique member of our grand collection. 


We can all agree that the Sheep is one of the fuzziest pieces in our collection. It is also undeniably cute, with its rosy cheeks, curled horns, and stuck-out tongue!

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