Wearing Kigurumi is Serious Business, Especially for Idols

We have understood quite some time ago, that being a modern Japanese pop culture idol is more than just performing your singles and dancing to your audiences directly. It falls more or less under the general entertainment category, and if fame is a commodity, then the main goal is to keep people getting interested in what you do. 

Yes, that includes taking a few steps away from your intended crossing path.

animal kigurumi welcoming each other

"Let the exciting and thrilling program, begin!"

Our weird situation opens with a supposed live TV show presentation for the group. No this clearly isn't a performance routine. They are wearing their own peculiarly designed character kigurumi, that seemingly stretches the boundary of the definition of their suits in many different directions. 

animal kigurumi hosting a show

"So, have anything to say to embarrass yourself in the next scene, Miss Kiri?"

For instance, Kiri wears a kind of bodysuit that is designed to resemble a black cat kigurumi. This goes the same for Shupe, wearing some type of kigurumi-ish dolphin suit. As for Roro, she is clad in a short-style rat-themed costume, which is ironically closer to the onesie we are familiar with than the "onesie" bodysuits Kiri and Shupe are wearing.

crab kigurumi getting introduce in the show

"Hey there mister, did you just say... comic relief members of the group?"

And of course, there's the weirdest crab-themed kigurumi(?) that Sasame wore for the segment. The design is most definitely eye-catching, but probably not in the way that you usually imagine the term.

dog kigurumi questioned by the host

"Why yes, the rest of the gang are filming right now... woof!"

dog kigurumi saying hello in front of the camera

"But, no worries, we'll fill more than half the episode time before they come here."

Probably the only ones actually wearing regular kigurumi onesies are Miku and Kotoko, donning a pig kigurumi and a familiarly color-themed dog kigurumi respectively.

From a thematic standpoint, the show started with a nice bang. A few surprise ad-libs here and there, but nothing that the host can't manage. Sasame, Kotoko, and Miku use their anime-themed speech quirks to an almost natural and unnoticeable effect. Jabs here and there always make the interactions at the very least quite entertaining.

animal kigurumi setting up her upset face

"What was it that you would like to say again, Miss Kiri?"

There is, however, one problem. One of the assigned girls for this show was Kiri, perhaps the timidest and softspoken member of the gang. During the course of the kigurumi segment, conversations involving her become always a bit apathetic, and Kiri is often cut (pun not intended) in the way of allowing the program to progress at its set pace.

animal kigurumi giving a candy to her friend

"They say for every sigh, a fragment of your happiness flies away."
"Being an idol is all about keeping that smile. So here."

 In the middle of all this, a moment of solace comes to her, in the form of Roro giving a bit of inspiration wrapped in a ball of metaphorical and physical sweetness.

animal kigurumi notice something

"You two there, no noms while we're on air!"

... Although all of this happens while the cameras are still rolling, much the jovial chagrin of the host.

Public nomming and display of inspirations aside, this does put her relatively at ease, allowing her to take the responsibility of the situation first before her own comfort.

With a flick of a finger and a cheerful final greeting to the live studio audience, the host finally signaled the end of the segment. A set of contests then followed during the program, starting both a questionable balloon popping contest, an actual rock-climbing contest, and a zabuton stacking contest. This culminated with the ultimate game of statues, won by poker face body expert Roro herself.

"Now we're really in the mood to support you guys in the upcoming idol festival!"

The rest of the Ongaku Shoujou group finally arrived at the studio from that point onward. Assembled, the entire gang finally set out what they are professionally made to do: a live performance.

Hmm? Was there something about Uori in the end? Maybe we are just imagining things...

animal kigurumi posting for a picture

Just what is it exactly that makes Japanese modern pop idols and kigurumi an inevitable combination in many anime series? They seem to be a rather inseparable combination based on the titles that we have showcased so far. 

There are idols contracted to a kigurumi-related advertisment. Others wearing one for the sheer fun of it. Yet another group is literally represented by their individual animal-themed kigurumi.

As for Ongaku Shoujo (音楽少女), the show itself, entertainment-wise it is pretty normal as idol genre anime. It has its shining moments, and the character interactions are fun enough as expected. But this show is typically savored better with lower expectations in mind.

And no, we are definitely not referring to Uori. No sir.