These Recent Kigurumi Celebrity Sightings Are Going To Blow Your Mind

It’s safe to say that the kigurumi trend is showing no signs of slowing down. Just when you think that the world’s top musicians, performers and supermodels are going to stop wearing kigurumi, well, there’s another celebrity sighting. In recent years, celebrities who have been spotted wearing kigurumi include Ariana Grande, Cara Delevingne, Lily Allen, Miley Cyrus, and Meghan Trainor. 

So it’s perhaps no surprise that 2018 got off to a bang when TV host Ellen DeGeneres invited on Hollywood celebs Chris Hemsworth and Margot Robbie for a segment she called “Ellen’s Australian Boxers.”

Since both Hemsworth and Robbie are Australian, Ellen decided the best way to showcase their acting talents was to have them dress up in kangaroo kigurumi and battle for the title of “Best Australian.” Needless to say, the sight of two big-time Hollywood celebs dressed up in kigus and boxing gloves was something we won’t soon forget… 

And musical groups of all genres are continuing to release music videos featuring kigurumi. One example is the new video for “Not Cool” from the California pop duo More Giraffes. The video features a young woman wearing a pink dinosaur onesie who is trying to get over a bad breakup. She ends up sitting home alone, eating takeout food, wearing her dinosaur onesie and watching TV – and that finally gives her the inspiration to rekindle the relationship with her ex. 

What’s really cool about the “Not Cool” video is that the band released a big statement about the meaning of the dinosaur kigu featured in the video. Yes, that’s right – they got all meta and analytical on us, noting that, “Dinosaurs are a theme for us, the mark of an antihero… a metaphor for being down in the dumps.” Wait – what? Dinosaur onesies are for breakups? 

Well, apparently, that’s the case these days. Another music performer, Miss Eaves, released a video called “Paper Mache (Single AF)”, in which a middle-aged Brooklyn woman dealing with a bad breakup decides to make the best of things by wearing a dinosaur onesie and eating cupcakes. Soon, she decides that maybe things aren’t so bad after all. We’d have to agree with that – after hanging out all day in a super-cozy, fleecy onesie and enjoying a few super-sweet cupcakes, we’d have a much better view of romance as well. 

What’s really interesting, too, is how entirely new trends are being launched around kigurumi in 2018. Beer and kigurumi are very much a thing these days, with “onesie bar crawls” becoming the new rage. If you enjoy drinking away afternoons dressed in animal onesies, do yourself a favor and Google, “onesie bar crawl.” Chances are, there’s one coming to your city soon. They’re catching on in major cities like Boston and Denver where the outside weather can get, well, a little bit chilly. The Great Onesie Bar Crawl is touting their event as “the comfiest adventure in history,” and we’d have to agree. Chilling with a DJ, some adult beverages, and 300 of your closest friends while wearing pajamas sounds like fun. 

And, finally, how about a look-ahead to what we can expect in 2019? The popular TV show “Shark Tank,” which features up-and-coming entrepreneurs trying to get their companies funded by high-level venture capitalists and angel investors, just had a segment on “onesies for dogs.” If you’re looking for a fun holiday product for your pet pooch, why not a Shed Defender? It’s a full-body dog onesie that’s designed to fit snug, so as to prevent dog hair from shedding everywhere. Kigurumi are already a family affair for both the oldest and youngest members of a family, so why not the pet dog as well? 

As the weather gets colder and the year draws to a close, keep your eyes open for new celebrity sightings. Outdoor music festivals are a great way to see creative uses for animal onesies, as are casual days at the slopes while snowboarding or skiing. If 2018 is any indication, 2019 is going to be another big year for kigurumi.