Saving a Life: One Kigurumi for You and Me

Imagine one normal night. You're doing your usual nighttime schedule wearing your usual kigurumi.  Then, you hear a very loud knock upon your apartment door. At first, you simply thought it might be the late newspaper people trying to nag a subscription from you as usual. But as you hear a familiar voice outside the door, you slowly realize that this is something a lot more serious.

"Sensei, please let me in."

Upon opening the door, Academy City schoolteacher Tsukuyomi Komoe saw his student Touma Kamijou carrying what seems to be a severely injured girl. The succeeding reaction to this scene is as what you would have expected: she hurriedly tried to clean up her messy room of beer cans and cigarette butts she frantically started suggesting to call all sorts of emergency hotlines.

rabbit kigurumi shocked

"I ask you then. Would calling this so-called ambulance allow me to completely recover within a few minutes before my imminent death?"

This action, however, was stopped by the mysterious girl, whom Touma simply referred to as Index. After directing Touma to leave the room, Index started to explain all sorts of things with regards to the situation. The mention of magic and mystic elements, however, did not convince Komoe, who was already reaching for a phone. But given the lack of time, she had no choice but to follow her instructions to take on a more immediate course of action.

rabbit kigurumi playing in the table

"The materials do not matter. If it can represent the same thing as the elements present in this room, it should suffice."

Using a magic circle and a synchronization ritual, Index was able to link the room to the set of items they had set on the table. The last step needed, was for the medium (Komoe) to visualize what Index tells that she has to. For this physically grave situation, Index told her to imagine the form of an angel into existence.

rabbit kigurumi praying

"A cute angel. I need to imagine a cute angel..."

In a moment that perhaps seemed like forever to Komoe, she started praying. She failed at the beginning. She wasn't even able to understand the instruction the first time.

rabbit kigurumi praying in the angel

"Bearing a youthful form. Possessing a pair of wings. A beautiful, pristine angel of the common imagination..."

But eventually, the shape of an angel finally took form in the middle of the room. It floated above them for a few moments, before disappearing upwards into the air.

"I simply cannot die here, or else he will eternally bear the guilt of failure."

And with that, Index was saved, at least for now. Her stamina was still completely drained, but the mortal wound was gone. and so was her risk of imminent death.

"Done talking? I'll be recovering her then. More specifically, I'll be retaking the 103,000 grimoires installed within her brain."

To sum things up, her serious injuries were the result of an encounter with an enigmatic individual who calls himself Stiyl Magnus. Apparently he dealt a crushing blow to Index while Touma was away. The strangest thing, however, was that Stiyl was unconcerned for her not because she was an enemy or something. There was a slight bit of assurance from his attitude that whatever he did wasn't actually going to directly terminate her.

"So, why does my teacher's kigurumi pajama fit you so perfectly like that?"

Then, the dawn of the next day came. With the situation settling down for a bit, Touma tried addressing a less serious inquiry: the fact that Komoe-sensei's rabbit kigurumi pajamas fit perfectly to Index.

rabbit kigurumi walking up in the bed

"What?! The chest area still feels tight for me actually."

Well, the explanation is pretty much obvious, as we can apparently see. Still, the fact that this observation was slightly denied by the wearer herself was still quite comedic. Komoe-sensei on the other hand, absolutely does not approve.

"How much more do we need to break down whatever connections she rebuilds?"

So what happened afterward then? A few more trials and tribulations were sent their way by two very concerned individuals. Individuals who, as antagonistic as their actions might seem, hold a more noble cause for their decisions.

"Umm, are you okay?"

In the end, the ultimate sacrifice was done. The specific threat faced by the two was finally gone, but at the cost of what perhaps is even more than one's own life.

One of the longest-running (yes, even today) popular light novel series of the early 2000's, A Certain Magical Index (とある魔術の禁書目録) crosses the boundary between science and magic with its character conflicts and world-building. There isn't much to say specifically, but if anyone ever decides to start the series, be prepared for a rollercoaster ride of narratively epic proportions... in a 'misfortunate' way of course.

rabbit kigurumi shocked

In fact, it is so epic, that even Komoe-sensei's signature sleeping pajamas is just but a forgettable tiny side note to all of the world-shaking events that will transpire later on.