TORONTO: Atomic Lollipop

Hey Toronto!

We'll be bringing kigurumi onesies to Atomic Lollipop this weekend (July 14th & 15th). Atomic Lollipop is a weekend-long event full of whimsy, fun, and LOVE! You'll can find us in the Marketplace, or check out the Kigurumi Canada Blanket Forts! There are some crazy spectacular events planned, so if you haven't gotten a ticket yet, you're definitely missing out.

Some of the events we're looking forward to:

  • Otakubaloo Dance Party
  • Super Belligerent Disney Karaoke Funtime
  • Mad Tea Party
  • Pokemon Snap Contest (the winner gets a free kigurumi onesie!)
  • Lightsaber Battle
  • and of course, the Kigurumi Canada Blanket Forts!
Come say hi!!