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Green Leaves and the Seven Kigurumi - Part One

Once upon a time, there were seven young women, who dreamt and aspired to become the inspiration of their fellow commonfolk.

The Maidens of Green Leaves, as we shall call them, represent each a different personality, a different trait, and a different color. As a single group, they form a cohesive whole that complements each other, while still maintaining each of their unique qualities.

One day, the maidens were given the task of informing people about the daily state of heavenly affairs. Would the sky show a bright blue sky tomorrow? Would the afternoon be overcast with a thick white blanket? Or would an early blessed shower fall to wash away the morning dew?

"The rainy season has at last reached us here at Sendai."

To do this task, each of the maidens were then given a kigurumi representing a feral creature, which they are to show to the people as they declare their regular announcements.

Yoshino Nanase, the leader of the maidens, shows strength and endurance, as reflected by her polar bear kigurumi.

The youngest, Nanami Hisami, exudes the value of self-reliance and independence, and wears the wolf kigurumi.

Airi Hayashida represents curiosity and being misunderstood, as shown by her shark kigurumi.

Minami Katayama represents neverending stamina and energy and appetite, and is given the tiger kigurumi.

Miyu Okamoto exemplifies freedom of expression, and is given the eagle kigurumi.

Kaya Kikuma understands the will of survival and determination, emblematic of her crocodile kigurumi.

Last but not the least, Mayu Shimada represents elegant ferocity, and is given the red lion kigurumi.

"We'll need all the extra funds we can get."

Together, they managed to overcome many challenges, and face radically different setbacks. Each of their unique traits sometimes even clashed with one another when things got absolutely rough. The gritty and harsh reality of the near-cutthroat competition they are faced with represents a level of authenticity not really explored in other similar series of the same genre.

"♪ The tears we have shed shall be reborn as seven stars. ♪"

But in the end, the seven maidens eventually came triumphant, settling their differences, learning how to complement each others' quirks, and building up more resolve with each bigger obstacle to hurdle over.

Soon, however, due to the increasing number of responsibilities of being revered maidens, the task of revealing what the heavens would bring to everyday life became harder and harder to fulfill. To the point that it is beginning to put a considerable risk on their progress altogether.

"Thank you, for supporting us... always."

Despite the immense pressure to move forward though, all seven of them elected to stay at their homeland, to provide what they have always provided for the people since their official debut. They have, after all, always wanted to give gratitude to the first people that gave them the opportunity to inspire others.

"You don't have to worry about us here. Just go out there, and spread your wings."

However, these people, though fully appreciating the fact that the seven maidens never forgot about them, also understand the potential of these maidens to go further. By the advice of their leading representative, the seven maidens are finally persuaded to take the next step.

Thus the time has come, to meet all the other maidens in a much bigger decisive confrontation than what they have last challenged... 

(Part Two)

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