We Spy a Beaut Kangaroo Onesie on SNL

Margot Robbie jumping in air in kangaroo onesie

Margot Robbie’s hilarious performance on the season premiere of “SNL” on October 1 had us in stitches. The highlight of the entire show was Margot’s spot-on portrayal of Ivanka Trump as part of a “Celebrity Family Feud” segment involving members of the Republican and Democrat presidential campaign teams.

Margot perfectly captured all of Ivanka’s mannerisms, right down to the gust of wind blowing through her hair; the same way it was during Ivanka Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention in July. And there was one memorable line from Margot that still has us laughing: “This is fun. I love fun. Every day I schedule 20 minutes of fun.” That’s just so Ivanka. 

But the best part? Margot Robbie showed up in a Kangaroo Kigurumi for the taping of the show. While the kangaroo onesie wasn’t part of any of the skits, we saw it pop up in a few promo spots for “SNL.” We have to say - Margot looked adorable as a kangaroo!

You probably know Margot Robbie from her recent film work “Suicide Squad” in which she plays the DC Comics super-villain Harley Quinn. She's also been seen in a number of other high-profile films, including this summer’s “The Legend of Tarzan,” “Focus," and “The Wolf of Wall Street."

She’s certainly a great up-and-coming actress, and clearly knows how to play on her more comedic side with that kangaroo kigurumi. We can’t wait to see some of her new films, or to see if she’s asked back by “SNL” to perform more Ivanka Trump routines before the final November presidential election.

So if you love fun (and can schedule 20 minutes of it), you’ll definitely want to order one of our kangaroo onesies!

jumping in the air kangaroo kigurumi