Whatever Happened to Our Kigurumi Stores?

Many of you have asked about the location of our brick-and-mortar stores in Canada where it might be possible to try on, sample, and purchase our authentic SAZAC kigurumis. After all, it’s still possible to find ratings for our Kigurumi.com stores on Yelp, or to find our former storefronts on Google Maps.


So maybe it’s time to say something about it: During Summer 2018, we closed down our two physical store locations in Canada – one in Toronto and one in Montreal – where we sold kigurumis from traditional storefronts. So, for the time being, the only place to buy an authentic SAZAC kigurumi is via our online e-commerce websites, kigurumi.com and kigurumi.ca


That doesn’t mean, however, that there will never be another opportunity to buy our super-soft, super-cute kigurumis from us in person. One of the most enjoyable aspects of running a traditional storefront was all of the positive feedback and direct customer interaction that we had with our customers. Our Toronto location (994 Dundas Street) and our Montreal location (5552 Jeanne Mance Street) became popular hangout spots for our biggest fans and supporters. Closing these two stores was a sad occasion, but necessary from a business perspective.


That being said, we’re open to other ideas – such as pop-up stores in Toronto during the winter holidays, or exhibition booths at music festivals or outdoor events during the summer. And of course you can still find us at select conventions such as Anime North and Otakuthon. In the future, we’ll let you know if we’ll be launching new physical stores. And, of course, if you have ideas for where you’d like us to appear next, you can always contact us with your thoughts.