Your 'Wild' Kigurumi Parties Can Suddenly Get Literal

Pajama parties are as straighforward for a situation as kigurumi can be when worn on such occasions. That's what they are literally designed for, right? I mean, aside from experiencing the maximum comfort they have to offer.

But, could parties get as wild as they can be with kigurumi? Of course they can. Though, probably not as literally wild as the KK brothers would let it be.

So, you are randomly learning the ropes of skateboarding with your brother on a random day. What would you do, if the chick you just bumped into school the other day would quite suddenly send you a meetup message?

Yeah, you'd probably go for it right away without hesitation. But, considering the pure and straightforward nature of these boys, they would simply not refuse, and innocently accept.

Turns out that Brenda is planning a pajama party. Knowing her apparent infatuation for Koma, she must have already planned to invite him in advance. And wouldn't you know it, she didn't even manage to finish the message before sending it and rushing straight towards the brothers.

And so, the setup for this blog is set. Yup, just like that. Well leave the detail of the uninvited guest for now, since he isn't really important for our analysis.

Instead, we skip over to the front gates. True to what was already hinted directly back in 133, Brenda's a pretty rich lady. She welcomed her in a nice, fancy car, giving them a ride while the two are struck in awe looking at her estate. Though even in their speechless state, the brothers still equally astonished her as well with their own unique feats.

After arriving at the entrance, she elaborated a bit further on the occasion, and finally lit the green lights to start the jam. This is where we finally introduce the goods.

Behold, as if it's not obvious to this blog already, we are witnessing the youkai themselves (of the "Watch" variety) wearing kigurumi. And it's not just the regular big cat variety, it's a cheetah kigurumi.

animal kigurumi saying good evening to everyone

Well, it definitely looks smaller, something that would obviously be tailor-made Koma or Jiro. But, if we compare their relative sizes to the human characters, it'd probably fit a smaller child, so it still counts. Besides, the design is definitely, undoubtedly, the kigurumi that we know and love.

Finally a rival to the snow leopard! Wait, cheetah's don't climb trees? Oh.

In any case, normally we would give some lame excuse as to why this particular combination is "wild", and how it loosely connects to the overall nighttime occasion. But, the explanation is conveniently handed down (in a straightforward manner even) for us.

First, a sudden peal of laughter is heard as soon as they appear. Half-by-ridicule, but also partly because the guests were genuinely surprised.

animal kigurumi laughing

Second, the unmistakable expression of doubt and embarrassment from Jiro is visible as the laughter continues. Being the smarter and more socially aware of all the Knomads, he's expected to be more conscious of how they might actually look like among their partymates.

Koma, as usual, doesn't particularly care, adding further to his eccentric "nutty" charm on that particular night.

animal kigurumi with his leopard

Lastly, an even bigger surprise of bringing an actual cheetah with them brought the party's "excitement" to the max. Even when sufficiently tamed, it is still considered a wild animal, and panic would ensue within its presence. Especially after that stunning roar.

animal kigurumi sleeping with their pet

But yeah, Brenda wouldn't really be fazed by such an apparent threat. I mean, just look at that fuzzy thing, wearing a fuzzy kigurumi, sleeping with a fuzzy(?) beast. Wouldn't you think that they're "adorably nuts" as well?

...Eh, I guess not. But the theme counts!

animal kigurumi with his pet

In any case, we'll leave the final question of how it got there exactly to the magical stuffed bags of the brothers. All that we understand is that yes, kigurumi may be worn by the very beings they are designed to be themed with, as "wild" as that concept may literally turn out to be.

As for the actual main characters, and everything else that happens (the actual episode) after the opening credits...well stuff happened. Nothing particularly interesting to the theme for our discussion in Youkai Watch, though.