Our 5 Favorite Festivals of Summer 2017!

Is it possible that Canadian summer weather is finally here to stay? If you're living in the US, then you probably don't know how BAD our spring has been. Rain, rain, cloudy and more rain. Only recently, did the sun appear and actually stay this time around. 

Aside from getting some much needed rays, we've been putting together a list of our top 5 favorite festivals around the world you have to check out this summer - in your Kigurumi of course. 

Festivals are the best time to dress up in your favorite Kigurumi, kick back and just let it all go, so don't miss out on some of our new onesie styles that will be super popular at this year's festivals, like our Neon Rainbow Kitty Kigurumi. I mean - what would be a festival without rainbows? 

Don't forget our super popular festival giant animal heads too! We saw a few of these being rocked around the world last year and can't wait to party with others this time around. 

Ready to catch a glimpse of our favorite festivals? Check them out below!

Shambhala: August 11 - 14, 2017

All the way over on the West Coast in Southern British Columbia, Canada, the Shambhala electronic festival is all about art, music and passion. The festival even provides some of the most amazing organic food treats and an artisan market as well. If you've never checked this one out, then trust us - it's due time! Plus there's unrestrictive camping - so you can basically set up a tent on the festival grounds!


Valhalla Sound Circus: June 13 - 17, 2017

If you happen to be making your way through Canada or are passing by Montreal (because you're visiting us right?!), then be sure to check out the Valhalla Sound Circus. This festival is more than just live music, yet it also synthesizes art, adventure and partying too! Plus all tickets include wild camping - a huge part of Valhalla's experience.

Electric Forest: June 22-June 25, 2017 AND June 29-July 2, 2017

This eight day, two-weekend festival in Michigan is seriously one for the books. Not only is it full of electronic and jam band music, but the forest is lit. No seriously, the whole place is lit at night to satisfy all your senses! Hurry though - the festival starts very soon!

Check out some of Kigurumi's Electric Forest Festival photos:

Electric Forest 2


Electric Forest 2


Electric Forest 3

Astral Harvest: July 14-17, 2017

A little different from other electronic festivals, Astral Harvest blends both a family friendly and party vibe with its awesome music, creative workshops and marketplace! Nestled in boreal wilderness in Northern Alberta, Canada, this festival is one of the coolest and eye opening ones! A weekend pass includes 3 nights and 4 days of camping, free water and firewood and access to hot showers.

Astral Harvest

Oregon Eclipse

Lastly - the Oregon Eclipse Festival is one of the most celebrated festivals around the world for the Total Solar Eclipse. This year, North America will be seeing a full solar eclipse, so think about how epic this festival is going to be! The Beloved Festival in Oregon on August 11th-14, 2017, as well as the other 12 worldwide events (see their site for details) will merge electronic music, yoga, art and so much more.  

Are you heading to another festival this year? Share them along with your onesie snaps on Instagram by using #hellokigurumi. 

Happy Festival-ing!