Camping in Our Animal Onesies + Accessories

Ahh, summertime. Time to enjoy the great outdoors, hang out under the stars, and explore nature. If you’re heading out on a summer camping trip to the woods, you’ll want to take along one of our adorable animal Kigurumi, available in both long and short-sleeve editions.

That’s right - the weather is starting to heat up, so we’re releasing a few limited edition short-sleeved onesies, featuring some of our bestselling animals: Red Panda, Blue Unicorn and Dinosaur. Unicorns are one of those fan favorites that are timeless, perfect for any season of the year. And our blue fleece Unicorn Kigurumi are just so adorable – they have a powder blue body, a unicorn horn, a fluffy pink mane, a tail and roomy pockets (perfect for storing little treasures you find in the woods).

But what we’re really proud of are our new 100% fleece sleeping bags. These are just fantastic for outdoor slumber parties or camping under the stars. Check out our Dinosaur Kigurumi Sleeping Bag.

Our sleeping bag comes in a handy storage sack, and feature sturdy black draw cords for creating a tight, rolled sleeping bag. This sleeping can be taken with you on a hike, stuff into the back of your SUV, or roll up tight in a summer cabin in the woods

And, best of all, the sleeping bag pairs very nicely with our super-cozy camping Kigurumi. For the summer months, we’re sure that our Owl, Chipmunk and Skunk are going to be big fan favorites. They’re just perfect for becoming one with nature and showing off your wild side. They’re fun, too, and perfect for a little summer camping trip. Imagine sitting around a campfire dressed as your favorite forest creature! 

Of course, the way you use these outdoor onesies is completely up to you. Our Instagram features some creative uses of the camping Kigurumi, but new, creative uses are always being thought up by our Kigurumi fans. Slumber parties and blanket forts are two possible uses for our younger fans, while older Kigurumi lovers like to take them to summer music festivals.

The whole point of these camping onesies is just to have fun. That’s why we’ve spent so much time designing some great features for all of them. Take our Owl Kigurumi, for example. It features big, blue eyes, a flappy tail, blue wings, a yellow-lined hood and generously sized pockets. And, of course, it comes in super-cozy and super-soft 100% polyester fleece. They’re warm enough for when the sun dips down on the horizon and a gentle summer breeze starts to rustle through. You could even take them to the beach for hanging out at night or visiting some bonfires. 

The next time you’re headed out for a picnic in the park with friends, or simply going for a hike in the nearby woods, just think of how much more fun things would be when you take along your whole family, dressed as a group of Owls, Chipmunks or Skunks in our adorable outdoor onesies. This is the summer to experience Kigurumi camping!