Spotlight Alert: Celebrity Party Kigurumi Surprise!

Yup, it's time for a quick celebrity kigurumi feature once again!

Technically this quite a throwback already timeline-wise, but we would at least still like to reminisce that time a few months ago when Angelina Jolie and her fellow Eternals cast members were enjoying their Halloween party.

 Angelina Jolie with her full giraffe kigurumi

 A giraffe kigurumi is certainly quite the exotic type to use, but thankfully it's not too exotic to use a top design that is umm... far, far longer. But anyway, fear not! For we too, have our own set of those special giraffe kigurumi designs in case you want a mad and rad party suit for that special month before the end of the year.

Now, for the other far more important issue: why is Makkari Lauren Ridloff not wearing a kigurumi?

Good question, but beats me! (hint: it's an award-winning pairing)

Now we've delivered the news, off comes the goods!

Source: Instagram