Kigurumi Licensed Legends: Anime, Manga, and Games

Featured image credit by 芋 via Pixiv

We've mentioned this occasionally in our previous blog posts already, but licensed kigurumi are often an entirely different existence of its own. While some of them can still fall under the typical kigurumi groups of more generic categories, some of them are way too unique that you start to even wonder how the idea to make them into a kigurumi came to be in the first place.

As such, to give a bit more background to these products, we have decided to formally introduce all the related series and franchises represented by these kigurumi. Nothing too fancy, just a bit more explanation into the design, while sprinkling a tiny bit of lore references for their unique aesthetic flairs.

And if it seems like I've put this out a bit late, my deepest apologies. There have been a few well, thematic conflicts within the categories I was planning to discuss.

Neon Genesis Evangelion 

One of the previous licensed kigurumi that we featured on our shop was the iconic Evangelion Units of the eponymous franchise. Getting kigurumi products from a psychological mecha franchise kind of sounds weird. And it is. Naturally, you need some sort of mascot-like character, preferably an animal-based one, so that it can seamless be featured as a kigurumi along with an entire set of other standard kigurumi.

With an Evangelion Unit kigurumi however, you're essentially just donning the armored shell itself... if you know what I mean.

Eva 01 kigurumi

In any case, this Eva 01 (Evangelion Unit-01) kigurumi for example, has the entire torso profile as a single, seamless component. The contours that should provide the body's proportions are instead represented by color lines. What gives away its true identity, however, are the sections of green, particularly the triangular piece of armor on its torso. This one is the Rebuild version after all, although perhaps that is already identifiable to fans just by the tint of the green components alone

Eva 02 kigurumi


The Eva 02 (Evangelion Unit-02) kigurumi is the same. Striking and bright red primary theme, with orange accents, and as the Rebuild version, it uses color white instead of black more prominently. The shoulder components also reflect a different design, although as a kigurumi this kind of gets lost in detail. I wouldn't exactly recommend doing quad-legged poses with it but... I suppose that is also something that you can kind of creatively do with the kigurumi. Extra points for carnage recreation!

Lastly, there are also a few minor adjustments (compared to the original designs), like using garter cuffs to better represent the original body proportions (body sections?). But overall it is still very much a part of our featured-so-far licensed kigurumi lineup.

Sailor Moon


Yeah, we kind of went overboard with our definition of kigurumi in one of our featured articles showcasing the franchise. But listen. We're not referencing any of those Uncanny Valley inducing things. We're here to talk about the two characters that are the most thematically appropriate to have a onesie design of their own.


luna kigurumi

The first, of course, is Luna, universally known as the secret manager of the Sailor Guardians and part-time exposition counselor. Seems like you typical purple black cat kigurumi design until you recognize that unmistakable facial expression, as well as the signature moon crescent on her forehead.

Unlike any other fancier mascot-type costume, the plain coloration actually works as a plus, since it blends so smoothly as a regular kigurumi onesie. Yet, it is unique enough that the pattern (or whatever you can call its outer look) instantly noticeable to people who can appreciate the technical facial features of the hood.

artemis kigurumi

The white version of this is none other than Artemis. Nothing much to explain differently here, other than perhaps the possibility that it could even fit more generic situations due to the universality of a white onesie design. In fact, I can already visualize Minako wearing the war trophy of her best household friend, much to the chagrin of our pure and posh feline entity.

Still searching for that supposedly future (pun intended) Diana kigurumi by the way...

Danganronpa (series)

We've often joked around at the ironic versatility of Danganronpa-based kigurumi. After all, at least two of the mascot characters use natural coloring, and yet they are applied in a way that simply not possible on any regular bear on this planet.

 Danganronpa Monokuma kigurumi

Yes, we are talking about none other than Monokuma itself. The main instigator annihilator certainly represents the chaotic nature of the series, the spirit of the main villain it is pure manifested form.

Unlike other licensed kigurumi like Evangelion onesies, there are no unique or unnatural color combinations. Just black and white, colors that would otherwise simply represent your average teddy bear when used alone. However, it is split cleanly in half, making it instantly identifiable from even a mile away so long as you're not restricted on a single side perspective.

Now that I think about, that does explain a lot about the lack of central positioning of all derivative depictions of his mascot design. You'd normally think of more gruesome designs considering the fate of some of these characters though. But I guess that's the future purpose of the ill-fated Monokubs...

Remember, always look for the unique logo on our Authentic Original Designs for these franchises, as well as the SAZAC seal whenever we have a brand new licensed series lineup to feature!